The accent of the MW Conference

Tonight a 8-3 Utah State team comes to Boise to play for it all just days after Boise State became the first ever group of 5 conference team to be ranked in the new CFP committee poll ranked ahead of a at that time undefeated Marshall. With two losses it was because of the strength of the MW Conference that Boise State.

While many of us were polling for a CSU win last night over Air Force to take some of the wind from the sails of this Utah State team. Air Forces win may actually in the eyes of all committee included, that BSU early season loss on their first trip to Air Force was a trap game.

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The Mountain West conference has shown much in 2014. One thing schools in the conference do it the right way scheduling the toughest out of conference opponent’s they can and while doing so playing not just competitive ball on the road.

SDSU opened on the road against a ranked NC school losing it on the late in the 4th while going 2-2 in out of conference 0-2 against the power 5 but competitive ball.

Fresno scheduled as if they were trying to break into the top 4 with USC, Utah and Nebraska and while going 0-3 and 1-3 over all those really games on the road I believe will help an overall young Fresno team who I believe will win the MW West division tonight with a win over SDSU.

Nevada did better winning against WSU at home and playing AZ the PAC 12 South Champs on the road a 7 point loss that took AZ a Hail Mary to win. Nevada went 3-1 in non-conference play.

Even Hawaii whom is a bottom MW team showed heart and ability in close losses to Washington by 1 and a loss by 8 at Oregon State.

Utah played 5 non-conference teams going 3-2 beating BYU in Provo only to lose to Arkansas State in over time.

CSU was the star of the Coaches and AP polls certainly the win in Boston left a deep impression on the pollsters and while going 4-0 in non-conference games until last night their only loss was that early in Boise loss to Boise State.

Air force showed again that they are back and will be requiring more attention in the future. Air Force went undefeated in non-conference play and now can add both Boise State and CSU to their resume as major victories for 2014.


So here we are tonight it comes down to one game to play in the second MW Championship game and a chance to play a team we have beaten earlier this season for the right to play in a New Year’s Bowl. We could say no Boise State team has ever had such a game but that really isn’t true until now every game played in 2005,2006, 2009-2011 was played with the very knowledge that a single loss would kill the dream of playing in that big Bowl against a top ranked team from one of the top conferences.

The difference this time is we have been beaten and not just once but twice, this leave room for doubt that wasn’t present in a final season games of the past. Many in Bronco Nation after the 2012-13 seasons and now through 11 games of 2014 are not as confident of this regular season game. Add in all the nail biters Fresno, Nevada, and the great escape at New Mexico and some are not so sure this team can just go out their and enforce their will on a Utah State team that has themselves overcome injuries and relied so heavily on a what has shown itself to be a stubborn defense.  Certainly we can say those games showed the heart of this team and the strength of it’s will. Coaching has also shown itself to make in game adjustments and more importantly the right ones.

Albertson Stadium

Albertson Stadium


While many in Bronco Nation stomach’s might be swimming as kick off the same is not true of this Bronco Team they know their enemy they know their ability and they will come out knowing they own this game regardless of the twist and turns as the game proceeds they will display two types of confidence a come confidence and a flying around the field perfect excursion confidence. I won’t pretend to say we will below them out or win a hard fought game but what I will tell you is this WE GOT THIS!