Tips For Your Swimming Lessons

In the YouTube video, the speakers tackle the challenges that adults face in learning or enhancing their swimming skills, emphasizing that it’s never too late to embark on this journey with the help of swimming lessons. The focus is on providing practical tips for mastering efficient freestyle swimming.

To begin, it’s advised to maintain a streamlined body position, encouraging learners to make themselves as small and horizontal as possible to minimize drag. They stress the importance of overcoming the complexities of freestyle swimming with dedication and consistent practice.

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Moving on to technique, the fundamentals of swimming are breathing, arm pull, and hand recovery. Effective breathing involves quick and sharp inhalations, emphasizing the need for a continuous flow throughout the stroke. For the arm pull, swimmers are guided to catch as much water as possible, utilizing the entire arm from hand to upper arm, while keeping the elbow high. The recovering hand should smoothly enter the water just in front of the head, avoiding unnecessary drag, and the arms should be extended forward to set up the next catch.

Regarding the kick, despite contributing only about 10% to overall propulsion, it plays a crucial role in reducing drag and maintaining proper body position. The speakers suggest incorporating drills and tools into practice sessions to isolate and improve specific aspects of the stroke, while simultaneously keeping the entire swimming technique in mind. The overarching message is one of encouragement, emphasizing that with dedication and focused practice, anyone can learn and progress in the art of freestyle swimming with swimming lessons.


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