Q&A with Enlightened Sparty

I certainly would like to thank http://enlightenedspartan.blogspot.com/ for taking part in this in this final of Sparty Bloggs Q&A’s it’s been fun. My answers to their question can be seen here. http://enlightenedspartan.blogspot.com/2012/08/enlightened-spartan-2012-preview-for.html

DP: Many in Bronco Nation have asked me repeatedly about tailgating at MSU as I am the resident Michigan represented of Bronco Nation, are their tickets we need to purchase? When can we start to arrive? Can spaces be reserved? Considering most of us will be seated on the Boise State side in the sections 5 and alike what lot locations would be best for us to locate our tailgates?

ES: First, thanks for the invite.  We are looking forward to the arrival of the Bronco Nation. As for tailgating… http://www.gameday.msu.edu/Tailgating.html.  “During Friday evening games, lots will open at 3:30 p.m. All fans are encouraged not to come before these times as traffic lineups will not be permitted.”  The ES used to tailgate all the time, but my tailgate spot was torn down to instead build a parking lot.  Bummer.  Instead, the ES grabs his pre-game brews at the Peanut Barrel and then leaches off other tailgates.

Tailgate parking is first-come, first served.  The lots south of the stadium next at the Tennis Courts is the insane partying student tailgate section.  Good luck, that’s an two-hour wait.  The ES has mellowed with age and prefers the more scenic north campus tailgates.

Parking is everywhere around campus, and the walk is very easy wherever you tailgate on campus, no more than a 15-minute walk through one of the most beautiful campuses in the nation (and the largest geographic campus in the US).  It’s going to be probably 80 degrees at kickoff, and sunny, so a ramble through campus is a must.


DP: Can we bring our own couches as we do not have a history of destroying propriety?

ES: It isn’t the norm to destroy furniture here in East Lansing before, during, or after football games.  However, about a decade ago it was the propriety of a few stupid students and non-student Spartan fans (expelled and sent to jail) to burn couches after losing in the NCAA basketball tournament Final Fours (not sure if the Bronco Nation understands a popular game called basketball, but the Spartan Nation and the unparalleled success of its men’s basketball team can happily define it if necessary).


DP:   I must say many in Bronco Nation are excited to try some of the local products that we’ve been reading about produced by the students of MSU, which are the best and why?

ES: Not sure what products to which you are referring… and with 47,000 students the Spartans have the geeks who will produce robots and engineering games, the partiers that make their own beer and grow their own pot, and just about any other product known to man or woman.  What IS fantastic is the ice cream at the Michigan State Dairy Store… we’re an Ag school, and all of the ingredients are produced here at MSU.


DP:  Will there be an effort made to keep the homeless and beggars away as folks from Boise just wouldn’t know how to react to these people unlike us they don’t see street beggars and rift raft where they come from.

ES: You mean “riff-raff”.  Take another slug of that potato vodka.  Most likely, you Boise folk won’t be able to make out the difference between us Spartan fans, riff-raff, and street beggars.  We all have missing or rotten teeth, our breath smells, and we hold signs noting our unemployment status and “Brother can you spare a dime.”  Except for the thousands of Spartan undergraduate hotties, we all look the same, inside and outside we will all be wearing Spartan Green and yelling “Go GREEN! Go WHITE!”, and we will all be cheering on the Spartan defense to break your QB’s neck, which they will.


DP:  Are the CW’s issued in Idaho valid herein Michigan? as folks from there generally know how to keep the piece with hot steel, the Cowboy code an all as well can people other than criminals carry weapons on campus?

ES: Unfortunately, if you want to pack heat you need to have a Michigan CW permit.  Even so, we dares ya to bring one within 15 feet of our gridiron palace.  We’ll rope you, hog tie ya, and beat ya senseless.


DP:   This is a requested question from a Bronco fan who shall remain nameless, After the Bronco’s wipe the floor with Sparty would it be better to change into a Sparty shirt to score with the Sparty chicks there or do Sparty girls prefer to party with winners so keeping the Bronco Orange on be better?

ES: We’re happy losers and happy winners.  The Spartan hotties (ahem) will love you no matter what you wear: Wear what you like, or nothing at all – just bring beer and we’ll have a good time together.  Disappointment and losing is no stranger to the Spartan Nation.  Other than the 1988 Spartan Rose Bowl victory (attended by the ES), Sparty has lost on the gridiron as much as it’s won – with idiotic coaches like Bobby Williams and John L Smith, our games were usually extremely painful, like going through a root canal or having gonorrhea.  Thankfully, the Doctor (coach Mark Dantonio, M.D.) has eliminated the “Same Old Sparatns (S.O.S.)” moniker, but it still is painfully fresh in most of our minds.  We just like a good party, that’s more important.


DP:  The Meatchickens have sucked for quite some time and example of just how bad they have sucked is the fact that twice you have been able to beat them while still losing to a MAC school CMU, in those years you have beaten up on the Meatchickens and lost to CMU does that mean CMU was the best team in the state of Michigan? And if it repeats again this year what does this say about the B1G over all?

ES: Yes, you are correct, those two years (which were the best in CMU history), Central Michigan was the best football program in the great state of Michigan.  But, they won’t be able to stay within 4 TDs of the Spartans this year.


DP:   As I had mentioned in my answers to your questions I have spent much time watching video of MSU and leading up to this match up I’ve read a tremendous amount of hype around Gholston, in watching tape of him I couldn’t help notice he had a bit of a temper generally after being own by some average OT from Michigan, he also displayed assaultive behavior that generally gets players not just kicked out of games but kicked off teams, considering MSU history with criminal players do you think it harms the University in any way to keep on players that start riots in dorm rooms steal electronic from other students and basically display un sportsmen behavior on the field?

ES:  1. Gholston was suspended for a game (against Wisconsin, we still beat ‘em); 2. those players who were involved in a riot were suspended and did not practice nor travel to the bowl game; 3. and, the player that stole electronics was suspended for an entire season. They were punished more severely than any student who wasn’t an athlete.


DP:  Going further in regards to Gholston considering how much he got own during the season the number of plays he takes off his weak number of sack on the regular season of 3 is he deserving all this hype or is it just because he’s 6’8” 278lbs though has a slow first step yet runs a 4.8 40 in track shoes on a track, along with his criminal behavior that gets you all excited?

ES: Ummm – that Boise buzz is intensifying while you slur your questions/comments/rants.  Watch what Gholston does to your quarterback and your entire offensive line on Friday night.  The ES will let his physical prowess speak for itself.  If your team isn’t scared shitless already, then they just aren’t paying attention – and will pay the price.


DP: How on earth do you lose to Nebraska?

ES: Michigan State has never defeated Nebraska.  Hey, at least we’ve played the Huskers.  Gotta put up or shut up.


DP How does a Kirk Cousins lead offense only put 10 up on OSU? For Gods sake Toledo got them for 22 at the shoe and that’s even after all ten of the officials made every effort to screw them,( See 10 B1G official reprimanded for calls made in Toledo OSU game)

ES: And it wasn’t a lead offense, rather he led the offense.  Man, that Boise moonshine is really kicking in.  Last year, Captain Kirk threw for 250 yards… and the Spartan defense held the Buckeyes to 178 TOTAL YARDS… to win in The Horseshoe.

FYI – we only needed 8 points to beat Ohio State. Again, at least we’ve played at Ohio State. When are the Buckeyes on the Boise schedule? Nope, you’ve upgraded your conference to play national Big Least powerhouses Rutgers, Temple, Pittsburgh, and Louisville.  What a joke.


DP:  Be honest here what was worse Georgia’s field goal kicker or Dantoino’s coaching in the B1G Championship game? Remember one cost you a game the other gave the game to you!

ES:  They were both equally great. After 40 years of mediocrity, the Doctor has led the Spartans to 22 wins the past two years, a Big Ten title, a rare New Years Day bowl victory, and two undefeated seasons at home.  For the Spartan Nation, we’ll take it.  MD’s coaching in the B1G Title game was more than just that one final play – it was brilliant for 99% of the game. The ES will let Georgia’s FG kicker speak for hisself.


DP: Which of the untested inexperienced WR’s do you think will be able to escape Boise States DB’s?

ES: All of them are superior to that Boise riff-raff.  While your DBs are chasing our WRs, our 240-lb RB LeVeon Bell and our 280-lb TE Dion Sims will be stomping all over your inexperienced defensive line.


DP: Does losing two starting OL men this week for the Boise game concerns you?

ES:  Nope.  Not one bit.  Spartan OL is two deep across the board with plenty of starting game experience.  No problem against a non-BCS chump change team like Boise.


DP:  I have traveled to many great Boise State football games this has afforded me to make some great football friends from the Hookies to the Dawgs, TCU fans keep to them selfs I think it’s a southern Baptist thing the rest of us must like rub sin off on them or something. While I like to give as good as I get I can say without a doubt V-Tech fans were great before during and after the game I could never possibly say anything negative about them, Georgia fans were fun and certainly like to get it on but after the game was over it was with them I build the longest lasting friendships and we all continue to talk to this day. While Toledo proved to be the shit hole the city itself is there fans were the worse I have ever encountered and this is coming from a guy who played against Flint Beacher back in the 80’s and has two sons play them in 2000’s with the metal detectors and all. In DC I was surrounded by Hokie fans and though the game went back and forth we had a great time and this is not to even mention how great they were out at the tail gates I have never eaten so much BBQ in all my life once I left from our Tail Gate and headed to the stadium it was like I was being pulled in all direction as Hockie fans offered up food beer and get conversation I began to fear I might never make it into the stadium, after the game folks were all great game good job hell of team you got there we never saw this coming and so on just constantly the gracious host they could be. Contrast that with my experiences going to Michigan games while I never observed Michigan fans mist treating another fan I watch as the student body intermingled with the visiting fans students and base, I have however seen Penn State fans be as rude as they possibly could be before during and after games, I’ve seen Wisconsin fans just the opposites from the Penn State fans same for a host of other fan bases in the big ten other than OSU and notre dame fans who I believe we could all agree on are dirt bags. Boise People are great people very few are anything like me as you are now all ware of I am a Michigander with Idaho attachments, though I have never been to a game at Spartan Stadium I have been on campus many times. If not for this game against Boise State I highly doubt I would ever gone to Spartan stadium to see a game, this is not the first, first the Broncos have provided me , they’ve taken me to Gettysburg and DC , to Phoenix and a BCS bowl and they have done it for many football fans across the nation whom for whatever reason became disallowed with their childhood team or maybe they never had one and that Blue Turf and their great games have drawn them in, search the web from Texas to Canada to Germany to the UK and all points in between that Blue turf an those boys that play on it you all love to hate so much has built a following that crosses state lines , blood lines and international boarders so I ask you my fellow Michiganders when Bronco Nation descends next week on this state bring all their tourist dollars and smiling faces can you step it up and treat them half as good as a Hokie’s would?

ES:  Wow, that’s a rant. We love visitors, so long as you ain’t a Catholic from South Bend or a varmint whore from Ann Arbor.  Just bring plenty of beer to pass around.


DP:   Finally question do you fear the Bronco curse? Especially when you have to follow them up with a game in Mt Pleasant against CMU?(if you don’t know the Bronco curse it’s this loss to the Bronco’s on opening day you loss the next game to a weaker opponent).

ES: Don’t know that curse, unfortunately it won’t hold up: Central Michigan University isn’t very good – not like their teams in the past.  And Michigan State is a favorite to win the B1G Ten championship.  That curse won’t hold up regardless of the outcome of the game.

Nevertheless, the American football nation will be put on notice when the Spartan defense crushes Boise on Friday.   Sorry, but a non-BCS conference favorite is traveling 2,000 miles to play in a stadium more than twice its own size against the B1G Ten favorite?  You’re gonna get your butt kicked on Friday.   But, we’ll love ya anyway. Again, just bring beer and let’s enjoy the kickoff of College Football 2012 in a beautiful setting!  

Thanks for giving the ES a shout-out, see ya on Friday.  Safe travels.

THis is the final cross over for the Spart game always save the best for last.