Making Sense of Why Kellen Moore wasn’t Drafted

First the fact that Kellen Moore wasn’t drafted should be considered a criminal offense, so much so people should be marching in the streets with cries of no justice no peace, while demanding a special prosecutor to investigate the predigest against the 6’ south paw from Boise, but after all its Boise we are talking about and they are more interested in running to fight cancer then civil unrest, how so un progressive of them ;).

While we have already the ,it’s his height it’s his arm strength, he’s not mobile, and it’s the level of competition. None of those are valid points not a single one. He played and Beat Georgia in Georgia the same Georgia team that sent 7 players into the NFL in this very same draft and most of those before the 5th round. His arm Strength really I guessed you missed that 70+ yard pass he threw to give Boise a chip shot field goal for a chance to win against Nevada( who finished the year ranked #10). Not mobile clearly anyone who says that has never ever watched Kellen Play. While not the swiftness of foot ( neither is Tom Brady) he seems to have eyes in the back of his head, he seems to move not just his feet but every part of his body to not only buy time to make the throw but to position himself to do so. Kellens accuracy is only true appreciated when you watch him roll out or escape pressure making pin point throws on the run we can put a nail in the coffin of his supposed lack of Mobility.

Then there is the he was surrounded by talent just look at the guys in the NFL, Titus Young, Austin Pettis, second and third round picks in the NFL draft. Last year how about the fact he came into 2011 without them and increased his numbers across the board more TD’s More Yard and I didn’t hear Tyler Shoemakers name call (another damn shame) So while his two biggest targets left for the NFL his numbers increase should put that claim to rest.

People often say 50 wins or 50-3 and scream he’s winner isn’t that enough? Well it’s even deeper than that, in those three losses Kellen lead his team down the field for game winning chip shots. In 2010 against Nevada some still dispute the field goal was missed that it was over the top of the goal post and due to the short post, then there is the using the 3rd down to center the ball at the 22 for what should have been the game winner against TCU that went wide right by about 10’ go back 3 years and again against TCU same thing missed field goal. So in that 50-3 you has a 3 point loss to Nevada, and two 1 point losses to TCU that’s all that separates Kellen Moore from Being 53-0 I don’t know if a guy can come any closer to perfection than that. Certainly Boise State recruiting class of 2007 ranked 54th in the Nation proved to be one of the best classes in the Nation see NFL 2012 draft results. Make no mistake there is not a single guy on the team who wouldn’t tell you Kellen made them a better player’s offense and defense. Kellen was the leader the come before the storm and every NFL scout knows this.

SO then why wasn’t Killen Moore drafted ? Call it the perfect storm, the cloudy noise from the pundits all the nay Sayers, this kept Kellen from being seen as a first year starter. Teams looking for QB help now and who had the biggest need looked past Kellen and kept him of their boards all together.  What about the teams who had back up needs? Certainly one of the nicest thing scouts and the MSM said about Kellen was that he would be a parentally back up that his football knowledge is off the charts, so where was the Detroit’s and Pittsburg’s of the world on draft day? When you think about it none of those teams had a real pressing need for a backup and only Washington did the unthinkable taking Howdy Duty  after drafting R2D2 with the second pick, no one wanted to rock the boat by bring in Kellen Moore with all his wins and storied career certainly the fan base and media woud call for an instant QB controversy and after watching what happened in Denver last year no one wants that, NO ONE! Consider this Kellen was taken as a undrafted free agent by the Lions last night go to any Lion Blog any Detroit paper of all the draft picks of all that came before Kellen the number one thing on Lion Fans minds today is Kellen Moore and from what I have read the people could not possibly be any happier! Think about that let that set in Detroit Lions fans are not talking about who was taking first second, I bet if I did a man on the street interviews and asked the folks here in Metro Detroit who the Lions drafted the one name I would hear over and over is Kellen Moore! Most won’t even know he wasn’t drafted!

Kellen Moore wasn’t drafted because no one thought he was ready to play now, and no one wanted a QB controversy, oh they all wanted him once the draft was over as no one in the MSM would claim there was a QB problem and would take about what this pick really was a quality player who will add to the brain trust of the organization and provide a great future player in whatever form that may take.

Make no mistake in 10 years people will looks back and say Kellen Moore was the best value person taken in 2012 and I cannot possibly express how happy I am that the Lions were the organization that got him. It’s better to be chosen they to be the one settled on and this will make a great start to Kellen Moore’s career starting right here in the D!