Just how does the Big East Pressure Boise State?

Since word leaked about Boise State being under pressure by the Big East to join in football only for the 2012 season, it begs to the question just how the Big East could actually pressure Boise State to do something we already know they want to do?

Let’s start with the definitions of the word as it is used in this case.

Pressure  verb


to force (someone) toward a particular end; influence: They pressured him into accepting the contract.

Big East; “ Dr. Kustra we would like Boise State to enter the Big East Football for the 2012 season.”

Dr. Kustra; “It’s too late.”

Big East ; “how about we allow you to enter as a full football revenue school right from the start”

Dr. Kustra: “I can’t imagine how anyone can pull that off. “

Big East; “Maybe we could reduce the entry fee say by 2 million, would that help?”

Dr. Kustra; “We would never want to pull it off in a fashion that dealt shabbily with our existing partners in the Mountain West”

BigEast; “we hear you how about we get West Virginia to kick up the 4 million they extorted from Rich Rodríguezes and another  million to cover your exit fee, I’m sure the MWC would love to have the money which would mend wounds?”

Dr. Kustra; “don’t think that could ever work; “

Big East; “ ok final offer we grant you full football media dollars from year 1, wave the entry fee altogether, pay the 5 million MWC exit fee then will you come?”

Dr. Kustra; “ do you have check for me today?”

Big East; “ well no we have to get that money from West Virginia.”

Dr Kustra; “ Get back to me once you do.”


Dr. Kustra is many things, but one thing I have observed over these years is he is consistent, and consistently getting better at negotiate deals and in all of his dealings he never confirms, denies , nor announces anything until he has it in hand. In what he has said on this subject to date I believe he’s holding his cards very close to his chest, as he knows all the parties involved are playing a high stakes game of chicken, West Virginia in that of their hopes of getting a ruling by July 1st to let them out of the Big East this year and the Big East hoping just the opposite.

When Dr. Kustra talks of “We would never want to pull it off in a fashion that dealt shabbily with our existing partners in the Mountain West “ I’m wondering if he’s talking about the same conference that at first said take a hike, then when Utah bailed couldn’t knock hard enough on our door to get us in, or the same conference that said even though you know we don’t offer you much of a TV contract  and you can’t wear blue on blue, by the way the day after you agree BYU is hitting the road and couple weeks later TCU.

Sorry folks I ain’t buying this we must treat those who looked down at us as carpet baggers with something they never earn in the first place and that is respect.

Now let’s address Dr. Kustra’s comment regarding time “It’s too late.” Might I ask just when were we finally invited to the MWC? after July 1st if it was 1 week before we would of left right then, so for all those yelling Dr. Kustra says it’s too late think back and ask you self one question, if it wasn’t too late to leave the WAC for about the same money TV wise for a non AQ conference why would it be so to leave for a AQ conference for 4 times the money?, but hey all you bloggers out there keep right on tell the world it’s too late while I use history as my guide.

With non-binding arbitration starting next week over this possible separation all parties involved need to know just what they can and cannot do and is acceptable to their interest.

While at a minim I’m sure Dr. Kustra wants full TV revenue share from the start as well as his exit fee paid from the MWC, there are certainly other things to consider like the move of the other sports as well, while he says there isn’t enough time to get things done, on one hand we are really only 30 days removed from the original announcement of conference change so I wouldn’t put too much stock into that argument.

The fact is if Dr. Kustra can get these concessions we would be talking about a large increase into the schools bank account as well much better bowl options next year.

Arbitration is going to be the real determinate factor, if the Big East gets enough to cover Boise States cost of moving now, the only question left is West Virginia willing to pay it? Economics in the end is what is going to drive everyone in what they do. I believe that at the very least Boise State is going to want to be made full TV member from the start and have it’s totally cost of leaving the MWC coverage, not knowing what the Big East feels is the right amount of cash from West Virginia to cover it’s expenses in this conference realignment event.

Inclosing I would like to point out that since “PRESURE “ has been applied to Boise State to move to the Big East one might take a look and see just what schedule changes have been made by West Virginia?? Yep they dropped their game with ACC Florida State now why would they do that, if they didn’t believe there was a do able path to the Big 12….

Of all the things said and done over the last 72 hours I believe even more so now that Boise State is on it’s way to the Big East for the 2012 season it’s just a matter of crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s and that should be done within the next 14 days.