A Michigan State win against Nebraska is a Must for Boise States hopes to a BCS bowl

Not a lot of room for movement in the coaches poll lots of room in the Harris and BCS polls

With the coaches poll already having Boise State at 14th there are not many head to head match up’s of teams in front of Boise State but there is enough of them to allow Boise State to move up to at least 11th.

So here are the teams of head to head match up’s in front of Boise State.

Nov 3rd #5 LSU at #1 Alabama

Nov 24th #9 Clemson at #11 South Carolina

Nov 24th #8 Florida at #7 Florida State

If the lower ranked teams lose in all those match up’s in anything but a very close game Boise State should easily be able to attain a #11 ranking if there is no upsets from here on out.

Now the Harris Poll allows for even more match up opportunities for Boise State to advance.

Add in the games above plus these.

Nov 3rd #16 USC at #2 Oregon

Nov 10th #14 Stanford at #13 Oregon State

Nov 17th #14 Stanford at #2 Oregon

Nov 24th #13 Oregon State at #2 Oregon

Nov 24th #16 USC at #4 Notre Dame

Clearly with 8 head to head match up’s of teams ranked ahead of Boise State could easily move up 5 spots in the Harris Poll to #12 spot if all the favorites win and win soundly.

With a #12 in the Coaches and a #12 in the Harris Poll this would give Boise State a average Human Poll ranking of 12 being 2/3rds of the overall score all Boise State would need to be ranked 16th overall is an average computer ranking of 24th! Currently the computers have Boise State with an average ranking of 23rd and with the two of the next four games again losing teams it’s possible for that ranking to fall. However with so many teams in the BCS rankings ahead of Boise State set to play in head to head match up it’s unlikely that Boise State will do anything but move up in the computer rankings.

Though there are no more teams ranked ahead of Boise State in the BCS then those shown above this still gives Boise State the advantage of at least 6 spot moves equal to the movement in the Harris Poll if this was the case we should see Boise State move at a minimum to 13th overall just one short of the mark need to qualify if a B1G school finishes 12th or higher.

I believe it’s fair to say at this point baring a loss the only way Boise State doesn’t find its self-playing in a New Year’s BCS bowl is if Nebraska runs the table and here inlays this weekend’s game in East Lansing.

If Michigan State loses this Saturday there is nothing stopping Nebraska’s march to the B1G Championship game against a Wisconsin team they beat narrowly in Madison 30-27.

No doubt MSU losing this weekend and a Nebraska victory in the B1G Championship game will have horrible results for our beloved Bronco’s leaving Boise State with a Top 15 ranking and being locked out once again from a BCS bowl.

So this weekend all of Bronco Nation must be a Sparty fan this weekend!

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