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Upon request from bloggers a shorter version of the Coach Pete video.


Today we hate on Craig James and the BCS while taking a ride on the Coach Pete Merry Go Round!

Yesterday on facebook and twitter I pass around the below story so for those of you who didn’t get it here it is today.


Boise State vs. LSU

I would argue several things about Boise — including that Chris Petersen is the most gifted coach in America and Kellen Moore has as much potential to be the next Drew Brees as Drew Brees once did — but I would argue most of all that the Broncos have it just as hard as Alabama or Oklahoma State do, because all they can do is fail. In each of the past four seasons, they’ve spent every day trying to avoid that thought, because the system permits them nothing else. The Broncos lost on an errant field goal to a Horned Frogs team that is BCS-worthy, and yet even if that field goal attempt had gone through the uprights, there is a very, very good chance that they would have been shut out of the national championship game anyway. They had to know that. When I spoke to one Broncos player after their season-opening shellacking of Georgia, he told me that they really only worried about the things they could control, and I didn’t believe him at all. The Broncos understood they were damned if they did, and damned if they didn’t. That’s why in this Post-Hope era, they are the only choice that makes sense, the only choice that truly speaks to the establishment’s hypocrisy. And in an age of institutional mistrust, aren’t these the moments we’re all in search of?

There are a number of methods for disputing this argument, and I’m sure you will make me aware of all of them, because nothing fans the flames of arbitrary snobbery quite like the BCS system does. Boise State lost a football game, you will say, which may hold a great deal more weight if every other college football team, save LSU and Houston, had not lost a game as well.1 Well, Boise does not play the same grueling schedule as everyone else, you will say, and I might afford this more weight if (a) Boise had not manhandled one of the SEC’s championship game participants in what was essentially a road game, and (b) Boise’s opponents’ win percentage had not actually exceeded that of both Alabama and Oklahoma State. Did you know that in the month of October, Alabama didn’t play a single team that finished the season with a winning record? Well, it didn’t,2 and if you don’t count FCS teams, it played only four all season. Did you know that Oklahoma State lost a game to a team that may not finish with a winning record at all, which was in fact a far worse loss than the one Boise suffered? Well, it did. And yet these arguments don’t hold the same weight, because Boise is still Boise, and Boise plays Wyoming and UNLV, and Boise must be absolutely spit-shined and spotless in order for us to consider it at all. Five years after the Broncos accomplished the impossible, and then beat TCU in the Fiesta Bowl in 2010, nobody believes they could possibly deserve it for real this time. There is no such thing as success for the Broncos. All they can do is fail. That blue turf should be adorned with Schopenhauer quotes.

Read the complete story here is well worth the read!

Chris Dufresne’s college football rankings

8. Boise State (10-1): Chris Petersen considers move to L.A. as 5 million of us consider moving to Boise. (7)

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Rick Reilly Thinks UCLA is Sweetening the Offer to Chris Petersen With Assurances For His “Special Needs Kid”

ESPN’s Rick Reilly decided to jump into the college coaching search rumor mill Tuesday night with a tweet about Boise State’s Chris Petersen getting offered $20 million over five years from UCLA, along with this bizarre note: “assurances his special needs kid will get great care at UCLA med center.”

It didn’t take long for Brian Murphy of the Idaho Statesman to respond to Reilly – Petersen doesn’t have a special needs son.

Here’s what George Schroeder wrote on about Petersen’s son back in 2009:

Never underestimate the power

of a disinformation campaign Bronco Nation …

Think how offended one might be to have a AD talking about caring for your child..

I mean KID !!! Plus the Chris Petersen is a Scientologist isn’t going to work on these wing nuts from LA!


Craig James AP Top 25 Ballot Totally Makes Sense

Craig James casts an AP ballot. His Top 25 this past week was rather interesting. Here are some of the highlights.

Boise State is No. 24. Let me repeat that. Boise State is No. 24. The Broncos are 10-1 with a one-point loss to TCU. They haven’t played the toughest schedule, but a tougher one statistically than Virginia Tech (James – 4), Houston (James – 5), Michigan State (James -12) and Wisconsin (James – 13). Boise State beat James’ 11th ranked team, Georgia, by two touchdowns in a de facto road game. They have fewer losses. Yet, somehow, they are ranked 13 places lower. They are ranked behind five-loss Missouri and four-loss Texas. Boise at 10-1 against the 51st ranked schedule is No. 24. Houston at 12-0 against the 111th ranked schedule is No. 5? Seriously, did Chris Petersen not answer his text messages? Was he a little curt during a stop and chat in the gym? We’ll assume that’s not an optimistic sign for Kellen Moore and Doug Martin’s chances of winning the Pony Express Award.

You know Craig James the clown talking head who flirts with May Day in possibly the most annoying ESPN segment on TV?   Yeah the guy who played for the most corrupt program in the history of college sports then went on to hire a PR firm to get his son’s coach fired for being mean to him?  Yup he gets an official ballot that actually counts towards ranking teams and all things considered he totally nailed it.  I especially like Kansas State being ranked 9 spots better than the team that beat them by 41 points at home.   Bingo.  Seriously I don’t know why everyone is so worried about the state of college football, everything looks A-OK to me.

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Certainly the guy is being sarcastic with his head line.

Tech with a do-over: Missing the sword

Updated 01:53 a.m., Thursday, December 1, 2011

If Texas Tech officials could do it over again, they would tell Craig James, sorry, maybe your kid would be happier elsewhere.

They would calm down. They wouldn’t let ego or personalities enter into the equation. And, unlike what they did during the Alamo Bowl two years ago, they would defuse a controversy instead of amplifying it.

In doing so, they would avoid a slumping program, lawsuits, fan backlash, a book tour and what is coming.

Get ready.


Tech officials reacted harshly, however, because they were tired of Leach, and because they figured they could easily replace him. Couldn’t anyone win in Lubbock? So they signed Tommy Tuberville, who talked and acted like a real coach, and they marveled at his normalcy.

Only Tech fans weren’t convinced. Last July, they lined up by the thousands when Leach held a book signing in Lubbock, and the past few months, they’ve been lining up to show their disgust.

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Texas Tech’s Adam James ends his silence

“It hasn’t necessarily been as much of a challenge as it has been a learning experience,” James told reporters, who conducted the interview with a member of Texas Tech staff in attendance to make sure no questions affected ongoing litigation surrounding Leach’s firing. 

James’ father, Craig James, is an ESPN analyst. Leach is currently involved in lawsuits against Texas Tech, James and ESPN. 

Saturday will be Adam James’ final home game as a Red Raider, and he says he expects to be booed when he’s introduced during Senior Day festivities. 

“I really didn’t think about it until a couple of weeks ago when they asked me who was going to walk out there with me,” James said. “One of the guys kind of cracked a joke about it and that was the first time that I thought about it.” 

He says he has avoided the message boards, but the noise will be unavoidable on Saturday. 

“When you get 60,000 strong, it’s easy to voice your opinion. But I really have never let what people say or think about me affect me, unless it was somebody that really knew me and knew who I was,” he said.

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Reason No. 5,219 Why NCAA Football Has No Credibility

Yes, college football is awesome and the games are a blast to watch. I would never deny that. However, when the “postseason” system is a complete joke, it taints the sport. And giving AP ballots to certain people also taints the sport. Case in point: ESPN analyst Craig James. Despite broadcasting games each and every week, James put Boise State — (the 10-1 Broncos) — at No. 24 on his ballot this week.

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Illegitimate BCS process holds game hostage


The BCS formula is an exercise in nonsense.

It always has been; it’s just more obvious this season, when there is a heated debate over the second-best team, the one that would meet LSU for the title.

Alabama, Oklahoma State, Virginia Tech and others are making their pitches, pointing out this strength and that argument to get a crack at the Tigers. The campaigns will only pick up this weekend.

Understand this, though: No matter what it says, the BCS is not a system designed to choose a championship matchup. It is merely a tool to stave off the inevitable playoff bowl directors fear will cut into their millions in tax-free profits, a casino-style distraction to placate the masses.  Read More Here.



BCS makes every week count, except when it doesn’t

By , Published: November 30



No argument this year about the probable matchup in the national championship game Jan. 9: Almost inevitably, LSU will meet Alabama in a meeting not only of two teams from the Southeastern Conference, but two teams from the same division of the Southeastern Conference.

So there were a lot of wasted Saturdays across most of the rest of the country; college football could have confined itself to Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama and Mississippi and saved everyone else a lot of travel dollars. 


We’ve been told we don’t need a playoff system — even one as small as four or eight teams — and because the NCAA apparently has abdicated all responsibility for college football to the conferences, the BCS and anyone else who wants it, we’ll probably never get one.

Yet every year, it gets harder and harder to believe what we’re told. read her complete story here.

Georgia could explode BCS by upsetting LSU

If the Bulldogs get their way in the Georgia Dome on Saturday, the BCS could be left with six one-loss teams.

November 30, 2011Bulldogs look aheadCoach Mark Richt and Aaron Murray look forward to the SEC Championship and speak about what they hope to achieve.Tigers ready for BulldogsLSU players are ready to continue their push for an SEC Championship this Saturday against Georgia.
So much for a logic-based system that eliminates controversy by selecting one consensus national champion. The BCS, for all its grand designs and convoluted computer modeling, has always been systemically flawed. The Bowl Championship Series has been a punching bag for critics and fans from the get-go whether it was in 2007 when most observers thought Georgia and USC were the two best teams in the country at the end of the year, but LSU beat Ohio State in the championship game, or in 2009 when Congress held hearings on the BCS and Texas Representative Joe Barton said, “You should just drop the ‘C’ and call it BS. It’s like communism. You can’t fix it.”  

In other news the Boise State Bronco Men’s Basketball team blew out Drake 108-64!

What makes this news even more exciting is Drake has only losses to a Virginia team by 8 that took #15 Michigan to the wood shack and to 21st ranked Miss State by 4.