Why You Shouldnt Drain Your Fiberglass Pool

Draining a fiberglass pool can pose significant risks and challenges that can compromise the structural integrity, functionality, and longevity of the pool, leading to costly repairs, maintenance, and potential replacement. Fiberglass pools rely on the surrounding groundwater to maintain balance and stability, as the hydrostatic pressure exerted by the groundwater helps to evenly distribute the weight of the pool and prevent structural damage and deformation.

Draining a fiberglass pool can result in an imbalance of hydrostatic pressure, causing the pool shell to shift, warp, or crack under the weight of the surrounding soil and groundwater, leading to structural failures, leaks, and water infiltration. Additionally, exposing the empty pool shell to direct sunlight and air can cause the gel coat surface to dry out, fade, blister, or crack, compromising its aesthetic appeal, smoothness, and protective barrier against algae growth, stains, and chemical corrosion.

Regular maintenance, proper water chemistry, and professional services provided by a reputable and experienced pool company specializing in fiberglass pool care and maintenance are essential to ensure optimal performance, longevity, and enjoyment of your fiberglass pool. Professional pool companies possess the expertise, equipment, and knowledge to assess, diagnose, and address issues, implement preventive measures, and provide customized solutions, including fiberglass repair, resurfacing, and restoration services, to maintain and enhance the beauty, functionality, and value of your fiberglass pool, promoting durability, safety, and satisfaction for years to come.

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