The Ultimate Luxury Home Upgrades

So you’ve worked hard all these years, been smart with your money, made the right investments, and now you’re reaping the rewards of your labor. You have the cash for it now, so you can buy yourself all the ultimate home upgrades you’ve dreamed of.

The following are some of the most enjoyably luxe examples of improvements that will wow anyone who sets foot in your home:

A Home Arcade

Remember the days when you were a kid, and the height of entertainment technology was one of those loud, bright arcade cabinets in the neighborhood arcade? Now you don’t have to line up with a quarter or wait for the kid hogging the machine for you to be able to play pinball, or video game classics like Street Fighter 2 or Metal Slug. Collectors are paying top dollar for machines, which can cost you anywhere from $150-3000 each, depending on how old or rare the game is.

Set aside a room for your arcade collection, get a few machines in, lay down some carpeting, and indulge in some serious nostalgia!

A Hot Tub

hot tub

One of the mainstays in any luxury home, nothing says that you’ve got cash to burn quite like a hot tub. Factoring in the cost of the tub, installation, and maintenance, you’re looking at an initial outlay of anywhere between $6000-$20,000, especially if you go for one of the more well-known brands like Jacuzzi.

But it’s worth it, if it means you get to luxuriate in style, and seriously impress your date.

A Home Theater

Or maybe you’d just prefer to watch the game or a movie on Netflix. You can elevate your viewing experience with some serious upgrades. Your home theater components can include:

  • A 65-inch 4K high definition Smart TV (about $2500-3000)
  • A Sound system that includes a top-of-the-line 9.2 channel receiver ($1600), and a speaker system that includes floorstanding speakers, a sub woofer, and bookshelf speakers (some $2500-3000)
  • Plus the cost of any gaming consoles, some luxurious seats ($600-900), and soundproofing (anywhere from $3000-$20,000, depending on how well you want to soundproof your theater), and you’re looking at about $15,000-30,000 for the ultimate movie experience without ever leaving the comfort of your own home.

A Personal Bowling Alley

Having one of these at your house makes a very strong statement: 1. I’m rich, and 2. I take my fun very seriously.

A bowling alley at home can run you $40,000-300,000 in materials and installation, depending on the size and nature of your customization. You could go as basic as a single lane setup, or go big with up to four (or more) lanes, automated pin-setting machines and ball delivery systems, and customized LED lighting and graphics.

The list of ultimate luxury home upgrades could go on and on—heated flooring and fully-automated smart furniture come to mind—but in the end, it really boils down to what you would enjoy the most. Being able to afford these things is a sign of just how hard you’ve worked all these years. If you’re at a point in your life where you can take some moments to slow down and take stock of your achievements, you can make sure it’s from the comfort of a home that reflects how far you’ve come.


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