Hunting Etiquette: 4 Unspoken Rules

To be a respectable hunter, you have to follow not just the written rules but the unwritten ones too. While some are keen on following the written rules, they tend to disregard the unwritten rules.

When it is hunting season and you are stocking up at the hunting stores in Michigan, keep in mind the unwritten rules that ensure you do not step on other hunters feet.

Elbow room

It is hunting season; you will not be alone out there. For your own safety as well as the safety of other hunters keep a safe distance. It is wise to talk to other parties who will be out there with you just so as to establish parameters that suit both of you.

When considering distance, it is not just about the distance between the hunters but also the distance from roads as well as residences. Always shoot away from roads as well as homes.


If you are a rookie hunter and a friend invites you to join them, keep in mind it is out of respect they are taking you under their wing. Do not abuse the privilege and break the trust. They might take this opportunity to teach you not just their hunting skill but also their secret hunting spots.

Keep in mind that it is their secret spot and they are not showing it to you so you can use it as your own later. It goes without saying that you should not advertise the spot to your friends. It is a serious transgression that has been known to destroy friendships.

Respect Mother Nature

Even though it might be public land, take it upon yourself to leave it as it was or even better. In the event that you will be camping for a day or two with a couple of friends ensure the campfire is dead before you move to a new spot.

Did you know campfires are the leading causes of wildfires that destroy acres of land? Also, pick up after yourself and do not forget the shotshell hulls.

Do not touch

Hunter in the fall hunting season

Hunting grounds are public, and you will never be alone out there. Once in a while, you will come across another person’s gear might be chairs, tree stands, ground blinds, cameras or chairs. Go by the simple rule, if it does not belong to you, you have no business touching or using it.

Remember you need to respect others so you can be respected as well. There is nothing as devastating as coming back only to find your items stolen or being used by a total stranger. In case you need something, go shopping at the different hunting stores in Michigan.

When it is all said and done, hunting is all about having fun. Whether you are by yourself or amongst your friends, do not forget the unwritten rules of hunting. They not only ensure you safely return home with your kill but also ensures you have a good time while at it.


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