2013 Boise State Football season is the most anticipate ever.

Now I know that’s saying a lot but considering the team the staff and the school are at a cross roads. One path leads to greatness that puts forever a stamp that this is an elite program that should always be considered with all the other top schools of today. The other path leads to lower expectation and chaos.


Unlike other season the ties that bind to 2006 to 2008 to 2011 or even the 2002 break out team are all long gone. Sure last year felt like 2007 all over again, but this season is much bigger than 2008 team in so many ways.

First is the schedule, when all things are considered this is the most challenging schedule ever in Boise State Football history. Every tough opponent is on the road, Washington, BYU, Fresno, Utah State and SDSU. Each game taken by itself sure it’s a tough game but we should exspect to win, however taken over the season and the times that the games are to be played OBoy these games are going to require a healthy and deep Boise State team to pull off even a 1 loss season let alone undefeated.

So many variables will play out this season that make it different then all others that have preceded it. Aside from the road games consider the timing of the games.

Washington maybe the best overall talented team we will face and certainly it coming to start the season is a huge benefit for us, however the Huskies are no slouches and certainly they will be stinging from last year’s bowl loss; As well they have fewer question to answer, other than do they suspend they’re DUI super stars or play them in what is surely a make or break game to start their season. While I’m not saying that Boise State will be the best team they will face this year certainly a Home loss for the Huskies will make the trails of their full season schedule much harder to deal with.

I predict this to be a much different game than the one we saw in the Macco Bowl. In much different atmosphere then even 2007 hard fought game. Make no bones about it this game will be fought like a death match and both teams will find out what they have for the rest of the season.
I don’t see Washington’s coach doing the right thing and suspending his DUI convicts the game just means too much for him and his morals are just not that strong.

This game will be more physical than the V-Tech game and will also require the same kind of offensive punch that the 2008 team showed in Eugene in beating what would be the PAC 10’s eventual Rose Bowl representative. Unlike that 2008 game vs. Criminal U, I believe the running game will be what wins this game. The stable of power backs is deep at the RB position for Boise State with Jay Ajayi, Jack Fields JC transfer Derrick Thomas along with the multitude of FR RB’s fighting for playing time. I see Boise State doing to the Huskies what the 2008 Ducks tried to do to us to start that game and that is to power over them with a power running game and the difference for Boise State is not just that we have the RB’s to do it with we have a experience powerful proven O Line to get it done. It also doesn’t hurt when considering past great O lines that word coming out of camp is this is the best O line Boise State may ever have fielded.

 Add in Matt Miller and Kirby Moore and the 2 great TE’s in Linehan and Huff as both for their blocking abilities and ball control passing game and I see major passing lanes opening up deep for Aaron Burks and Geraldo Boldewijn. The threat of the speedy and size WR’s is going to force the Huskies to play 2 deep zone add in the threat of Miller and company in the short possession game is going to pressure the LB’s of Washington allowing the power of this very experience and powerful O line to open running lanes for the RB’s to have an absolute field day on the Huskies. When the Huskies start cheating those LB’s and Safeties up look for Joe Southwick, Aaron and Geraldo to punish them deep.

I see Boise State putting a ton of points up in this game I look for Joe Southwick to have a career game and they are going to need to.

Washington’s Offense is no joke it’s loaded as well top to bottom with big body WR’s and a future high round draft pick TE; Boise States D is going to be tested on every single down.


Questions are deep on the Boise State Defense; can our young LB’s core rise to the occasion? Certainly we have the size and speed as well as power and depth in the core, but lack real experience; Same goes for just about every position on the Defense but two SS Jeremy Iaone the only question there is can the coaches get him coached up enough to avoid a game ejection for his bone crushing hits. The other being Demarcous Tank Lawrence, the only question we have about Tank is does he so dominate the field again that he leaves as a high first rounder in 2014 forgoing a final year of eligibility.


Washington will get in some blows and the young Bronco D will be extended but it won’t be enough, as Boise States D will do enough to keep the game from ever being in doubt by midway through the 3rd and the offense will continue to pile it on until the final victory formation.

Final Boise State 42 Huskies 28

While the Washington game fits the pattern established by the great 2007 & 2008 freshmen classes and will erase the memory of the loss last year to that green team it by no means will be the hardest game for this Ver.2013 Bronco’s there are hurdles and test around every corner. No longer is Boise State the apple of every football fans eye as well the target on the backs of this Bronco team is even bigger than any year before. One reason may very well be last year’s loss at home to SDSU another is because recruiting for MWC teams has improved across the board as has the coaching quality of the conference.