The Key to Boise State vs. Arizona Fiesta Bowl

You can spend hours breaking down these two teams. In the end it comes down to just one match up

Jay Ajayi vs. Scooby Wright.

Scooby Wright

The Wild Cats Defense over all is not something above average; what appears to bail this team out more times than not is Scooby Wright coming unblock in to the back field where either a turnover or a major loss of yardage is all too often the result.  I’ve watched tons of film and what can be said of Scooby’s big plays is really this simple he was unblocked!  Most of these events would appear to occur when he sinks down in his stand hiding behind a DT waiting for his teammate to clear a lane for him to rush in unnoticed and unblock . When a guy of Scooby’s size and speed gets unblocked bad things will occur.

Jay Ajayi

Jay Ajayi is a smart young man and not much of a risk taker this is one of the reasons he’s leaving now he knows all too well a players career can end on any given play. He also knows he needs to get the attention of NFL scouts and writers and to this point while given respect he knows perception can all to often mean the difference between first round and somewhere between late second to 5th and if this has been his money year this game in Glendale is for all the marbles and he knows it. Jay knows he must protect Grant Hedrick from Scooby in the passing game. If he is to show NFL scouts he’s ready to take on big NFL LB in pass blocking Scooby offers Ajayi the opportunity.

Jay Ajayi

No one doubts Ajayi’s ability to run the ball he’s gained tough yards all year against stout defenses. It will be how he handles Scooby in the passing game either blocking or catching passes out of the back field that they will be watching and so to should the rest of us. It only takes one misstep against Scooby to allow him to punish you and blow up a drive or worse yet put six up on your offense and Jay will have to have a perfect game against him to prevent that very thing from happening.


Both players are game changers both players can hurt you real real bad the question for this game is which one plays their best game their perfect game and the one that does is the one who’s team wins all the other match up’s can be kicked to the side this is the one match up that will determine the winner. Jay knows this above all else, he knows his future depends on his performance he knows his placement in the draft hinges on his play. As I mentioned before Ajayi is not a risk taker and like the great QB’s we see he has ice that runs through his veins. Jay has worked hard this last year on every part of his game and we have seen the results he will keep Scooby at bay and he will drive The Wild Cats D mad in the process.


With Jay providing the runs and pass protection needed he will give Boise State the edge they need and like we have seen all year Boise States Defense will early and late get the stops need to secure a win.