Jay Ajayi & the Offensive line stomped the life out of SDSU in the 4th for the win 38-29

Albertson Stadium

Yesterday was a wild day in College Football; Notre Dame loses at home to a North Western team that rarely showed up in most big games because of a last minute fumble. Washington looked as good as they have since Chris Petersen arrived offensively and defensively on the road at Arizona to lose with a last minute fumble. Miami trues to hold on at home against Florida State only to choke it away by not playing to win. LSU gets beat up by and Arkansas team that had not won a SEC game in 17 consecutive tries. Boise State starts out slow while not so surprisingly SDSU showed up in freezing Boise to play and this young team and young staff again impress with their in game adjustments to seize victory from the jaws of defeat.


Unlike most of the other games with surprising outcomes many because of poor game management and or a lack of in game adjustments. Boise State’s and SDSU’s game didn’t hinge on bad coaching or poor play. Rocky Long played his game and had his guys give their all, SDSU didn’t lose the game they were beat by a better team and a coaching staff who knew how to make adjustments to get their team back in the game.

There were plenty of big plays like the Chris Santini run on the fake punt or the Cleshawn Page int. Just as big however was the play of the Offensive line late in the 4th and the heart of Jay Ajayi who took the game from SDSU and stomped the life out of SDSU’s hopes of a third win in a row. Jay was the never ending freight train and the O line were the men who laid down the tracks to victory.

I know these pressure filled games are not what Coach wants but it’s hard to argue against that it’s games like these with such a young team will build the Iron will it takes for a team to not just compete in college football today but to dominate. No doubt as this season has worn on Coach has aged like a US president after a 4 year term only he’s done so in less than 10 months. That being said he’s young he will recover. What cannot be lost is the experience and confidence this team has built this year that no doubt through the rest of this season which should be 4 more games inspire leadership and a steel will to overcome.


Every player on this Boise State football team today knows the answers to all the question everyone had when Coach took the mantel. We have seen this young coaching staff display patients, in game adjustments. It seems at just about every turn they have made the right critical calls the right adjustments as well they have supplanted in short order a deep and varied offensive and defensive play book.  We all believed Coach would bring back the offense that we knew and love at Boise State but I don’t believe anyone of us believed it would be done so early and so complex, but also like last night in the 4th he just lined us up and said to the young men we are going to go out there and take it to them we are going to take this game and leave them no opportunity and pound this ball down SDSU’s throat. As the aforementioned other games yesterday many very good and highly rated teams attempted to do the same to not good ends. Washington fans question whether Petersen can do math after getting a first down with a 2 point lead with 1:26 to go and AZ with only 1 time out left. Petersen choose to run the ball which resulted in a turn over, there is much more to Husky fans disgust but Petersen didn’t help himself out much when in post-game interviews he blamed the mistake on his staff not himself.

Next up Wyoming where weather forecasters have that game for a balmy 20 degrees a double digit improvement over last night’s tempts. While earlier I said I felt this to be a trap game but then after the New Mexico game I reversed my self today I do have concerns going into that game next Friday night.

First last night’s game was a tough game played in worse weather conditions then the Ice Bowl. In the cold dry night air we all could see every breath exhaled by the players and staff. Considering the exertion and the conditions on a 1 day shorter week I am concerned about player’s repertory system recovery and the ware that can put on the body. Wyoming got the week off they did not endure what our young men did add in the extra time to prepare and I believe we will have an outright WAR on our hands in Laramie.

These last two games are must wins if we are to host the MW Championship game and frankly I believe we are in for the fight of our lives and the best effort and games lay ahead, would we really want it any other way?