Coach Harsin pressor healed many wounds for me.

I hope many out there understand many of us were devastated by Pete’s departure. The 55 minutes of Coach Harsin’s press conference did more then allow me the ability to forgive Pete, but actually feel a little sorry for him in the process. See Coach Harsin Press conference here. Lashing out in pain is something […]

A message from The Management

For those of you over the last couple days that have come and gone liked, unliked then liked again, unlike those few and yeah 400 is a few, have been around for the last couple years. I want you to know you don't need to be sending me pm's about why you hate me, I […]

How I rank the prospects for Boise States next Coach.

If there is one thing to be said about playing great football for so long is all the home grown talent Boise State has to choose from in selecting the next Leader of Bronco Football. Thanks to Boise State University President, Bob Kustra Bronco Nation doesn’t just revolve around the Football team. Mr. Kustra has […]

These are my last words on chris peterson

I’ve thought about detailing all the things over the last year that when we look back in hind sight can clearly see pete was setting the table to leave. It’s clear to me now that once the Big East fell apart pete was looking for the exits. As for past and present players and those […]

Boise State deserves a great coach turns out it wasn’t chris peterson.

Great Coaches stay they don’t run off to greener pastures. An old friend of mine and writer here who passed away Thomas Munson use to talk to me about how the ground that Boise sat on was a special ground, that the earth at that spot bred greatness. That the spot where the Boise river […]

Here we go again Coach Pete top candidate B.S.

Here we go again Coach Pete top candidate B.S.,, Idaho Press-Tribune (blog),, Lyndy’s Sport Annuals, KikkTheStalkker, and just to name a few. Let me be clear all this B.S. reports is really about doing one thing getting hits at a web site. Now as far as the schools announcing Coach is […]

Brent Pease fired from UF: should Boise State bring him back?

Let me say this I was never a huge fan of Pease in the first place, was I glad he came back from Indy when Harsin left to be Co-OC at Texas ?hell yes. With many in Bronco Nation screaming “fire Prince” however I’m not so sure a Pease for Prince deal would be much […]

Untiled because I don’t know what else to call it.

That’s just about how I feel about tonight’s game against Fresno. Is it Joe’s happy feet or his grit to keep at it? Is it that what we witnessed in officiating is something I would expect from a B1G vs. a non B1G game with B1G officials? Is it the fact Dallas Borroughs not only […]


Greetings, Bronco Nation, from the Office of Orange Jacket Guy; it is again a distinct honor to write to you. I tried to wait and cool off before writing this one but the metal is still red hot after this time so there are going to be some unpleasant things to write about, but before […]

What does the future hold is it New Coke or the 3rd Gen Ford Taurus?

There has been a lot of soul searching through out Bronco Nation since the opener at Michigan State a year ago, that has now been further accelerated since the horrible performance followed by Coach Pete’s remark following the Washington game. Many of us woke the next day more in morning over the perceived end of […]

Lots of question we will have to wait for the answers

Here are a few of mine. Is this the new offense or was it just installed for this game? If so do you believe we have the right personal for such an offense? Is the reason we played 3-4-4 all night because of a shortage of Tackles? If so is this a result of the […]


  Two coaches were fired recently, Houston Nutt and Joe Paterno. They represent, to this writer, two very different models of the college football coach. In examining them I am drawn to Dicken’s novel , “A Tale of Two Cities”, and its examination of duality. Recall the opening line: ”It was the best of times, […]