Don’t let the Door hit you in the ass on your way out!

So the 7 Catholic Schools are upset that they didn’t have enough voice on the football side of the conference conversations. Well that is what happens when you don’t have a football team and the conference gives you welfare because of it because you cry so much. As a Catholic I find the action and […]


Greetings, Bronco Nation, from the mobile office of Orange Jacket Guy; it is again a distinct honor to write to you. I’ve been dragging my feet on this next item, and believe me, I have my reasons, but this shouldn’t be taken as a showing of apathy. There’s been a certain annoyance as of late, […]

A doubting Bronco Nations wonders can things be different this time?

Regardless to one might think, the reality of experiences for Boise State and Bronco Nation lead most to think no chance for Boise State to get a BCS bowl. Certainly if not last year  when you are ranked 7th in the Nation and still get the shaft how is now any different; special considering this […]

Chris Petersen to (file in the blank)

Every day at least 5 times a day my Gmail alerts gets filed with news links to crap blogs all the over the web. By 7 am this morning I had 3 more B.S alerts and to boggle my mind to find even a low life ESPN writer is now in on the act. So […]

Last week of College Football & Games that matter

What a crazy week of college football. More conference shuffling and this morning it soon becomes official Louisville will be off to the ACC.  This morning the ACC issued a threat to the Big East that if they lose anymore team they will be back for more! Before we dive into all that lets look […]

Do the BCS Computers got you feeling down? Fear not!

Let’s be clear the Bigs can keep Boise State and or a MAC champ out of this conversation just by winning and winning in the right order UCLA beats Stanford, FSU beats Georgia Tech and Oklahoma holds court and none of what is in this would be possible. It’s one thing to be ranked 7th […]

Inside Boise States 15th Ranking

First off its a soft #15 how soft is it? Boise State 479 votes. Well UCLA is only 34 points back of us while two loss Clemson @ #14 Last week N. Illinois was 94 points and 1 spot behind Boise State today they are 102 points and 3 spots back. Kent State was 157 […]

This week’s Big 4 games to watch

With the Bronco’s off this weekend leading up to the season ending game in Reno  and TCU’s beat down on #16 Texas , we have 4 games of what could be very important games to the slim remaining chances at a BCS bowl, let’s review. #14 Nebraska @ Iowa  noon est. kick off on ABC. […]

The Detroit Lions are a Pathetic Organization.

I know cry baby job protecting scum when I see it and when the blame game comes out like we see in Detroit one doesn’t have to look very deep to see where the problems truly lay. Bill Ford couldn’t manage his way out of a wet paper bag and the Ford Family has no […]

Six Spots in 2 weeks a narrow path but do able!

  I cannot believe I’m going down this path, but this just goes to prove just how crazy the last 4 years in college football has been with all the past season undefeated teams but here we are with 2 weeks to go and if you add in conference championship games 3 weeks left for […]


Greetings, Bronco Nation, from the Office of Orange Jacket Guy. Bad things have happened, and I’ve let a lot of things pile up in the queue. First up: the fallout from the loss to SDSU. Going into this game it was already obvious there were some things that weren’t helping. It was my honest opinion […]

The 2012 BCS dream is over, but the war goes on!

The 2012 BCS dream is over, but the war goes on! Many lessons are being learned this year, from what we have in our new coaching staff, to how our new Youngman are responding to the new phase in their paths. Certainly we all had big hopes that’s part of being a part of Bronco […]