About The Blue Turf

TheBlueTurf isn’t for your tea and crumpet crowd nor for your uptight pipe smokers either.

We won’t attempt to please everyone there is enough place trying that as it is.

We are about Boise State; we are about information and most of all we are about entertaining.

You will see things here that you have never seen on a sports blog before.

We certainly will not be sending our competitors fan base to the banning stick, we will welcome them to the true and that truth is Coach Pete is a Coaching God, that Kellen Moore is the greatest QB ever in college football history

That the Boise D-Line causes apposing QB’s pea even a little before each snap that they know is a pass play. While the team walks softly and carries a big stick we here do all the talking for the team, while they back it up on the field.

So come one come all because the Great Debate is Back and Bronco Nation is here to stay.