An Ironic weekend for Bronco Nation

KMoore There has been a lot of comfortableness within Bronco Nation over whats been going on with the offense, namely QB Finley. While I will always defer to Coach when it comes to this as for one we don’t know what he knows and it’s become clear after last Fridays game coach is a deep strategic thinker. I wonder if he plays chess?


First lets address the Irony, Friday night against ISU Finley after looking good on his second drive and leading the team off the goal line on his third drive goes down with a broken ankle. Fast forward to Sunday Tony Romo goes down against Philly with a broken collar bone. In both instances many MOBN (Member Of Bronco Nation) saw opportunity open for the QB they favor. For some it was lets see what Rypien can do for others it was will Kellen Moore finely get his chance. To further the Irony Kellen Moore got his first start in his red shirt freshmen opener against ISU.



Normally such injury the the starting QB at Boise State would be meet instantly by Bronco Nation with a gasp. Sure the members of Bronco Nation are nice folk but forgiving a vast minority of which, many were going good lets find out what we got behind Finely. Don’t read this wrong I do not think a single MOBN wanted to see Finley get injured. We all want him to fully recover, but there is no doubt what we saw unfold first will Tommy then with Rypien showed the real depth at QB Boise State has. Both Rypien and Tommy played so well Coach is in that unique position of forcing his opponents into preparing for two different offensive attacks. My hart goes out to the DC of Virginia this week good luck with that.


We also learned not only does Tommy have wheels, Rypien appears to be all that and more. Coming in to lead the second possession of the second half he firing off laser like passes deep, short , and outs with Kellen Moore like fast reads. We learned Coach was more concerned with Rypiens youth then his ability and sounded during the post game presser like he knew as far as arm goes Rypien had the best arm on the team it was his youth and inexperience that held him back.
There is much we in Bronco Nation don’t know and while asking “what if?” is reasonable, don’t put too much weight into that belielf. I should add Coach seemed to be pretty clear Finley this season is still his man. Considering all things that is the reasonable stance. That was ISU after all while they have improved and are the leading scoring team out of the FCS they also have one of the worst defenses in the FCS.

7000e1a1951827dff65e0964debb8622So for now it appears we are a two QB team and while I believe over time lines will be drawn between Tommy and Rypien, with Rypien being the clear fan favorite for all the obvious reasons. I want to add some levity here there once was a fan favorite super hyped freshman named Drew Hason. Local boy 5 star footballer first round New York Yankie darft pick. Coming off a 1997 National Championship season the pressure was on Michigan head coach Lloyd Carr to play the young man. Lloyd Carr had his favorite a Junior QB that had seen very little playing time after sitting 4 years behind the likes of Brain Griese and Scott Dreisbach. You folks have no idea what media and alumni pressure is like when you have the Detroit News and the Detroit Freepress echoing the Alumni and base, add to it a Hanson who never took away the threat that he might just bail if he didn’t get fair time on the field.
Hason was already a Millionaire as he signed a multi million dollar contract with the Yankies. He had already gotten Carr to agree to something he had never done before allow a player to play Professional Baseball. So what did Carr do, he played two QB’s breaking time up during the games for two season 1998-99 never fully committing to a single QB until the 1999 Orange Bowl against Alabama that QB went on to win last great Bowl win for Michigan since and that QB was Tom Brandy! The following year Drew Hanson was given the job to him self and after completing a mediocre Junior campaign resigned from Michigan football and went on to flop for the New York Yankies.
The moral to the story support our Coach, hype is cool and competition is good but in the end Coach doesn’t need our opinion he needs our support.