Mountain West Champs Next Up Arizona in the Fiesta Bowl

It was a game that got away from Fresno in a hurry and by the time Grant Hedrick made his 21 yard TD run in the 3rd making the score 28-0 the only thing left in Fresno was the fight and the Dogs did put up a fight and for that Fresno fans should take some comfort.

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Next up for Fresno, Rice 7-5 out of C-USA in the Hawaii Bowl; Boise State was given preference over fellow Rice C-USA member Marshal by the CPA when Marshall finished 12-1 and winning their conference championship, Fresno can add some credibility to the CFP committee by taking care of Rice in commanding fashion and I have every reason to believe they will.

Boise State returns to Glendale for a New Year’s Eve Day game against Rich Rods AZ team. This is a good match up for this young Boise State team. AZ had plenty of near losses this year and luck had been with them most of the season winning against Cal on a Hail Mary in the final seconds. More telling however is the game from a week earlier when hapless UTSA out of C-USA nearly pulled the upset at home losing by 3 26-23. Then there is the Nevada game where the Wolf Pack took AZ to the limit losing by a TD. Most telling however of is the Washington game. Washington had done everything but coach the final 1:36. The game was lost for the Wild Cats until Chris Petersen elected to run the ball instead taking a knee. The resulting fumble and a last second field goal for a Wild Cat win.

RR in disbelief

RR in disbelief

In every game but one this year the Wildcats have been in even in their losses, 28-26 to USC and 17-7 UCLA. The two games that there was little doubt by the 4th were the Wild Cats blowout loss to the Ducks and their blow out win at Utah. RR’s team has been uneven in performance all season and I don’t know if it’s a combination of luck good and poor coaching or players making plays. What I will say is I find the committee’s ranking here of AZ after being completely blown out in dismantling fashion by the Ducks a little dubious, as I fully expected the Wild Cats to take a hard fall in the polls but I’ll take it.

After nearly 14 weeks of near zero mention on what has become the premiere college sports media ESPN, in 3 weeks Boise State has gone from being Game Day’s cameraman’s upset pick in week 13th against Wyoming to being the little school that could again, but I got news for them Boise State isn’t a little school and they can do more than just could. My fear is this Boise State takes care of business in Glendale and all those close encounters by the Wild Cats during the season will be used against any achievement, call me a sceptic of the MSM but have they ever shown us more than contempt?