Coach Harsin & Staff has already won the recruiting war before it has actual started.

Since becoming a Div 1 school Boise State has done its self well in attracting the right kind of players to its football team, and the city of Boise has much to do with that.  If you have never been to Green Bay the home of the Packers or Lincoln Nebraska, you probably wouldn’t know how much more the community of Boise and its surrounding area have to offer over these well-known football towns.

So for starters Boise State already has great upside to recruits just from what South Western Idaho has to offer. Then add in the Blue Turf , the winning history, the national notoriety and it’s decades old winning history. Consider this there is only one NCAA championship that eludes Boise State so far as the school has won a championship at every other level it has played. No other school today can make that claim and one day Boise State will become the only school to have won them all.


No other state is as fearless as Idaho, we ain't affraid of no Gorillas!

So history being just that the past and all that it entails it’s the new motto of attacking the future and the concept Coach Harsin has unleashed in his recruiting philosophy that is designed to take Boise State football to the next level. After building a coaching staff many of us speculated but only thought of as a dream, Coach Harsin has already attacked the future building what may be the best staff of recruiters of any school in the country , Yates, Stanford and others too numerous to mention. Watching all the press videos of these men left one stark impression. Either they all think alike in their beliefs and reasoning or Harsin is some kind of master communicator and manager never before seen, as even the greatest of Political machines in a campaign year have never been so in sync. While I have every confidence that Coach Harsin is a highly intelligent man of great skills in motivation, planning and management. I do not think the chorus we witnessed in the individual press conferences were a result of his influence, but more a result of like minds clearly focused on what is and what needs to be. This synergy of efforts and beliefs by the staff is going to be powerful and Coach has every reason to be as positive and confident in his remarks as they move towards this final push in recruiting.


   Coach Harsin can make these bold pronouncements because he’s already accomplished it. You can see it in the first three new recruits he signed. While many of us for good reason were over joyed with Dylan Sumner-Gardner commit who wouldn’t be when you get a 4 Star recruit ranked #6th overall at his position by ESPN.  One more recruit like that and Bronco Nation might burst at the seams. However it’s the quite ones that are so very much impressive to me.

Take Tennesse Su’esu’e , what a great name! two weeks ago this young man was an unknown in the recruiting world. Originally a NR rating now because of his offer and commitment to Boise State he’s gained a 2 star rating at 69. Folks we are talking about the original OKG kind of guy a 6’2” 295 lbs of OG that literally comes from our back yard in Salt Lake City. If you haven’t seen video on this young man let me just say he is a one man wrecking crew. A dominating offensive linemen who creates massive holes in the run game and no one is going to quickly get around this guy in pass protection in any kind of hurry.   What’s even more telling his high school coaching staff is known for their linemen coaching skills and techniques. This young man had no offers from any one not even DII you want to talk about chips on their shoulders?

Then there is Dereck Boles, 6’2” 270 DT out of Lakeland Florida (home to where my Detroit Tigers play spring ball) Another of those NR’s no one was offering, that has since being offered and committing to Boise State has shot up the ESPN ratings list to a 3 star 70 rated recruit. Someone tell me Yates didn’t have this young man in his back pocket.

Now lets add Cory Young RB Norco Ca., Jerhen Ertel OT JC out of Glendale AZ, and TE David Lucero Holtville Ca. I submit what you have here is a balance of guys with huge chips on their shoulders and one who is determined to make his mark in Dylan Sumner-Gardner.

Yep Brad Kaaya already plays on a Blue Turf

If coach just retains 2 of the four that have gone from committed to soft verbal, and fills out the rest of this class with solid position players that fit the Boise State mold of hard working over achieving intelligent footballers, he will have achieved what his headliner on his twitter account already proclaims “The best class in the country coming soon feb 5th.” Now I know he’s still gunning for some very quality players and I am certainly going to be on full alert come Jan 24th to see just what happens during Brad Kaaya’s visit, as I believe this guy is the real deal and though he has already committed to U of Miami months ago the native Californian it would seem has opened up his commitment, certainly landing him or KJ Carta-Samuel would be huge additions to a class I already believe will advance this young talented Bronco team.

From the morning I awoke to learn pete had left for U dah I could have never possibly imagined all that has come to pass would have happened from the Coaches to the fruits of their early labors. I dare say I am even more hopeful for the future of Bronco football then I was the day before pete departed.