CFP Ranking Boise State #23 gives clear path to New Year’s Bowl.

Harsin Bronco’s can do something no Bronco team has done before play in a Major Bowl with a loss on their record.

In 2010 we took our medicine with a single loss to Nevada accepting our fate to the Las Vegas bowl.

In 2011 after a crushing defeat we felt we belonged in the Sugar but were passed over.

In 2014 the new CFP rankings has given us something we have never had a clear path late in the Season to play in a major New Year’s Bowl.

 Think we will be making some additions to this video after 2014 season is said and done 

Beat Utah State on The Blue Turf earns a home game Dec 6th against who I think will be Fresno State in the MW Championship game. The committee has spoken with a loud voice and in their first ever ranking of a group of 5 conference team in their top 25 they have placed Boise State at 23 ahead of Marshal while leaving CSU off the list. Week 14 being the first week Boise State was ranked in any of the other top 25 polls this is like a perfect storm leading up to the Utah State game.

I believe Boise State is being rewarded by the committee for their schedule as well as their developing play as the season progressed. Clearly the committee is sending a message in not only who you schedule but how you play throughout the season as the committee is looking for the teams that they believe can compete at a high level and provide thrilling games.


If I might venture even further into the future of possibilities; Boise State wins out and defeats a Championship conference top 10 team who we will surely be matched up with, then I think it would be fair to say that not only have we flipped the switch on becoming along with the MW the predominate player in all future selections giving not just Boise State but any future MW Champion team a leg up in the committee room. Further I believe the committee is looking for controversy just not the kind Marshall fan’s will be thinking but I believe they want a catalyst to move the Major Bowls towards a 8 team play off and they just might see this years and next year’s Boise State team as the engine to turn that crank.

Been a mighty fine 2014 for Bronco nation I know there are still some disbelievers out there and I don’t mind them at all because I know when it all comes up for Boise State they will be riding the wave possibly a little higher than the rest of us wearing the rose covered glasses.