Bronco Nations Top 10 Grateful List 2014

Throughout my professional life I have long known the value of having a grateful list. You don’t always win in life, but you can find your wins even in defeat and a grateful list something at different points and time I re-write and collect in my attitude folder to help me balance out those up and down swings. Sometime I would write one every week sometimes ever month and occasionally I would look back and see how my list changed.

Just over a year ago we were in a Dark place in Bronco Nation lost our coach had a horrible bowl game a urination controversy it certainly was not our finest hour. Pete appeared to be taking everything that wasn’t bolted down to boot. So looking back over the last year here is my Top Ten Grateful list.


10. Dr. Kustra and Ad Mark Coyle, while Bronco Nation seemed to break down in to Coaching Teams Team Koetter vs Team Harsin they worked diligently behind the scenes to get the best possible Coach to lead Boise State into the Future while saying all the right things in the process.


Boise State Basketball

9. Boise State Mens Basketball Team, while falling short of their goal of making it into the NCAA’s, they provided Bronco Nation a core to stay together and bond during our time of trouble and provided us with a very exciting Season.


Dylan Sumner-Gardner8. Dylan Sumner-Gardner, de-committing from A&M and committing to Boise State early in the process as a 4 Star recruit gave great momentum to the New Coaching staff and raised the excitement level in Bronco Nation.



7. The Mountain Division of the MW. Because of the performance of nearly all of the teams in this division over all Boise State was propelled into the Fiesta Bowl for the 3rd time in 8 years.



6. The first 3 quarters of Defensive play against Ole Miss. No one knew for sure how good Ole Miss would be baring the defense holding them to only 7 points while collecting 3 int’s that game could have been very ugly and who knows how that changes the completion for the season.


Playoff Committee Football

5. CFP for providing the opportunity for the youngest Boise State team since the 2009 team to play on the big stage in the first year of the Harsin era.



Grant Hedrick

4. Grant Hedrick. I could just leave it at that because the name says it all. The heart and will displayed by Grant after the hits he took in the opener against Ole Miss and the first Qt against CSU both hits resulted in defenders being disqualified from the game, but we all know Grant paid a price for it. After the night in Fort Collins most of Bronco Nation calling for his removal all Grant did was lead! He led in the battle the following week in Reno, He led in the first revenge game against Fresno and he shined in the total destruction of BYU before a National audience. He hasn’t stopped leading since. Grant made everyone a believer and though we can look back at two ugly games the fact is there is no other in college football today I would rather have lead this Team New Year’s eve.


Jay Ajayi

3. Jay Ajayi the creator of the J-Train the junior who could and did. When New Mexico open up so fast and Jay responded on the Bronco’s first play going to the house I knew we would be alright. Jay is what kept us in the conversation; he’s the one the National Media focused on before the season during the season and now ever more so after the season. His pure confidence in announcing his departure for the NFL before the Bowl game will bring more attention to this game then it would have had before which is to the benefit of both him and us. For him he is announcing to Scooby considered one of the best LB’s in the game that he intends to set his bench mark on this high platform against him and this can either turn out to be one of the greatest head to head battles or the biggest ploy distraction for game planning there ever was. One thing is for sure every college football fan will be tuning in to see it.

Boise State Coaches

2. The Coaches, Harsin for having the long term vision and the personality that would attract Stanford and Yates to follow. No doubt we all dreamed if he could just manage to get of the two back to Boise that would be huge but getting them both? But it doesn’t stop there. Down the line every coach and coaches assistant has pulled their weight and the evidence of that is the week in week out up word improvement we have seen by this team. The thing I love about college football is from the first game to the last there is in the great programs improvement a continued growth in the team’s ability and we certainly saw that in this team.


Coach Harsin1. What brings us to this time of year to look back and count our blessings? Why is it we reflect during this time? Certainly the end of a year is near as is the season but when you look back and consider Jeremy Ioane what injuries those who represent us on the field did suffer and we as a community the Team and Bronco Nation is today one has to believe we are doing things the right way and for that God has blessed us. So the Lords blessings bestowed upon us is what I am most grateful for.