One more on The Blue Turf!

It all started just the way Utah State wanted it then it ended just as quickly. After LaJuan Hunt’s 55 yard first play run. Boise State’s defense put Utah’s offense in reverse collapsing JoJo Naston for a 4 yard loss on the very next play. Utah’s first drive ended 2 plays later with a missed field goal.

Leading into the game everyone talked of this being a matchup of the #1 Defense in the MW vs. The #1 offense something had to give, and it did. Jay Ajayi enforced his will against what was one of the Nation best run defenses breaking tackles and dreams while doing so. Boise State started their first drive with that goal out front running on the first 4 times on the first 5 plays and 6 of 9 on this first TD drive. In 3:02 Boise State went right at the heart of Utah State and found it wanting.

Jay Ajayi’s night and season is one for the record books and with two more games to go in this 2014 campaign it may be his last playing for Boise State. Jay rushed for 229 yards on 27 carries and 5 TD’s . On his 4th of the night he took a right dive play cut left through the hole and out ran everyone 62 yards no one was going to stop the J-Train on this night.

In many ways we in Bronco Nation watch these games in anticipation of just how Coach is going to game plan. I for one was wondering consider Utah States history against the run would he come out passing , would we see a lot of miss direction plays to get Utah State out of their comfort zone. Nope none of that and I should have known as Coach has shown many times this season he is much more practical than many think he is. Time again this season he has come out and challenged his players and coaches in going right at the opponents’ strength. A break their will mentality has emerged more times then not this season. I guess that’s one reason why this season has been so exciting the two previous years it was like everyone watch the game knew what play was coming not this year. For many teams we watch it’s been like a bad movie knowing what was coming and the plot.  There is however one theme that is coming out from Coach and that is this he puts it on the players’ backs to go out there on the field of battle and enforce their will, giving them the empowerment to control this team’s destiny.


For all the comments following a game with such a lopsided win. Utah State coach Matt Wells said. “It was very uncharacteristic of us. We didn’t have the answers, starting with me. We didn’t execute enough and didn’t play physical enough.” “I think everyone knows that’s not one of our best performances, and that’s not how we want to play Aggie defense,” Utah State safety Frankie Sutera said. “Our number one goal going into the game was to stop Ajayi. We didn’t, and he made us pay.” That wasn’t the case and never really is the fact is Boise State has better everything players coaches facilities and they only make it appear those are excuses. Certainly there were times when Utah States Defense stiffen and displayed will special late in the second qt and for the 3rd. I give them a lt of credit for their effort considering the game was already out of reach many less quality teams would have folded they did not but in the end Boise State was too much.

Many after the 3-2 start jump or even leaped from the train earlier this season, and now sit in wonderment at where Boise State finds it’s self today some even leading up to this game had their doubts we know one thing many within ESPN believed Wyoming was going to take out Bronco’s down that’s how unknowing of the truths of this team were. So as I have tried to point to the evidence as the season progressed, 20th youngest team in the country, New complete Staff and so on the facts that presented it’s self were this team was loaded with talent we all saw it in the opener we saw the heart we saw the skill we also saw the youth. As this season progressed we saw the offense get ahead of the defense. From the 3rd qt at New Mexico to now this defense has matched the offense in proficiency peaking just at the right time.

Next up Fresno State they say it’s always harder to beat a team times in a year maybe so but this isn’t exactly the same team they played Note to FB fan page readers there will only be a couple video up loads from last nights game as I must devote my spare time  to getting a video for the Championship game and the wife today 😉