Boise State deserves a great coach turns out it wasn’t chris peterson.

Great Coaches stay they don’t run off to greener pastures.

An old friend of mine and writer here who passed away Thomas Munson use to talk to me about how the ground that Boise sat on was a special ground, that the earth at that spot bred greatness. That the spot where the Boise river flowed near Bronco stadium was hallowed ground that inspired super natural events and efforts.

Maybe this was why every coach that has fled Boise State has failed so horribly. I have no doubts that is the future of chris peterson.  I do not wish him well any more so than I would Benedict Arnold.

In the end Peterson(I’m purposely miss spelling his name after years of correcting sports writers and bloggers) is saying to the city and the school you are not good enough for me. There is no other way of putting it.  You can sugar coat this all you want but I will say again Great Coaches stay.

Now that coach is gone and he should be completely gone if Kustra has any back bone as only a Boise State man should coach Boise State in a Bowl game. You can reveal all you want in the past glory of Boise State football but do not fail to see the great damage that has just befallen you.

He is a man you stood by you thought was one of you, who up held a veil of honor, integrity that is so lacking in this world today. He even recently fueled that belief with proclamations made to a recruit not 5 days ago. No what chris peterson has done is to have shank the foundation of the belief that men of honor still exist. He has fueled the haters who say all coaches are scum bag money grabbers and even more so he’s fired up those who have hated on Boise State for years now. He’s reinforced the comments by Ohio States President that we are the little sisters of the poor.  In all he’s set not Bronco Nation back but humanity.

You might say I’m taking this quite personally, well yes I am, but even if I was not a Proud member of Bronco Nation, even if I had not devote time money to follow the team across the country, I would still be very disappointed today. Because you see this is just another event of selfishness and self-gratitude. This is event that says there is not damn against humanism for personal gratification nothing more nothing less. It becomes even more damning if one was to truly believe that just 5 days ago pete meant what he said to a young man in advising him on the biggest decision of his life, the outright lie he told already knowing his heart was someplace else. I’m certain this was not easy for him to do and that’s why I believe it was a matter of his own personal desirer for self-gratification was so over powering to the attachments to Boise State and the young men he leaves behind.

Oh the irony of the last 24 hours for me, as I myself after putting a long hard day was faced with a similar decision. I had an offer made to be by a client to join his company and become their national sales manager. The offer was incredible 300k+ massive marketing budget free rain of a 100 million dollar a year company. Only one problem I have a company and by no means will I be making anywhere that kind of money for a while to come if at all as it could surely fail. I put in ungodly hours and had taken a job with another fortune 500 company to support my company, so you ask what did I do. Well I said no, I cannot in good conscience bail on my customers nor the people that depend on me for their future. I also couldn’t bail on my dream I have been chasing for almost 17 years now.  One might think 17 years and you are still chasing that dream about time to get another, maybe but not while there is still that chance, a chance to help others a chance to achieve the highest possible goals. Mind you he started out at a 100k at which I laughed then he got serious. Now with all that said I did agree to go to Chicago next week and spend a few days with him and his staff, maybe now after this I should ask my self what would pete do.


As the day shakes out as I have canceled everything because for me as I have been telling folks today I’ve had a death in the family they don’t know who or why but it’s a death none the less a death of belief in humans.  I will be following up later today on other speculation as far as future coaches, and by no means is my faith in the team shaken nor stirred I have full faith they in the end we will be coming up smelling like roses and may finally get that great coach we so deserve.