Why the Detroit Lions MUST Draft Doug Martin with its first pick

The Lions suffer mighty last year from having zero run threat, add insult to injury their second pick two years ago in Best may never return due to concussions, their second pick last year in Mikel Leshoure blew out his achillies in summer camp last year,then this year within a month got busted for pot not once but twice.

Near dead last in the NFL in rushing as if that is the only stat a lack of a real RB should be measure,the Lions must fix their problem now if they intend to compete.

Lacking a real running threat let alone a RB that can pick up a blitz, catch the ball out of the back field. The Lions will be parental first round losers if they are lucky enough to get a wild card.


Doug Martin is the answer to the Lions prayers, he possess the Strength needed with the downhill run mentality to provide a real threat on those short 3rd down plays. In the last 2 years Boise State has given up only 17 sacks in 15 games and Doug Martin played a major role in making that happen. Whether it be from  making play action real threat , catching the ball out of the back field or picking up the blitz Doug Martin has made opposing team account for him in everything they try to do and frankly in the NFL no one thinks about Detroit’s RB’s no one!!

Doug Martin provides that rare package of power speed and agility that accounts for many of his long screen pass plays and open field running . Once Doug Martin breaks the line of scrimmage he’s extremely hard to bring down and his arm and leg strength account for him breaking many tackles. Just as well Doug has game speed, he may not have the track speed 40 but once you put on those pads and get on the grass Doug is as fast or faster then anyone. One can find many long TD runs on youtube of Martin whether it be a kickoff return a screen pass or a run and if there is one thing that standouts out is this , in the movie money ball a scout evaluates a player based on his girlfriend’s looks saying she was a 6 at best, meaning the player didn’t have much in confidence well I don’t know what Doug’s girlfriend looks like but I know this when he breaks the line he never ever looks back  it’s straight ahead and that tells me he has all the confidence in the world in his field speed!

When you get into his numbers for a 2 year started who came to Boise State to play Defense his numbers are impressive, nothing being good nor bad until compared to something else when you look into the combined numbers he stands out. Not only did he lead his team mates in all but one event he was an overall top performer in 2 . Dougs Bench was more in line with a O lineman then a RB with 28(which lead all RB) also beat his teammates like Bill Winn DT, Tyrone Crawford DE ,and Nate Potter OT.  Martins results in the 3 cone drill 6.79 a top performer of all and 11.29 in the 60 yard shuttle again a top performer of all at the combine, in all 7 categories Doug Martin was  a top performer of his group RB’s no other RB in this draft can say that but Doug, so clearly Doug is a special athlete when compared to everyone else.

#1 in the Bench

#2 in 60 YD Shuttle

#2 in 10 YD Shuttle

#5 in the 3 cone shuttle

#5 in the Broad Jump

#8th in the Vertical leap

#13 in the 40


At 5’9” 220+ lbs and missives 9” hands and the stats above one could be blind reading in brail and know Doug Martin is a beast and is an explosive player just what the Lions need more than anything else.

The big question is can they actually get him as the draft nears it would appear a team in front of the Lions are look to take him Cincy and if not them Cleveland is the next inline so I believe to assure the Lions get Doug Martin they are going to need to advance up the board thankfully just a couple places so this shouldn’t cost too much teams they might get to help them out . TheTitans pick at 19 looks to be their best chance it’s also possible that Cincy could be enticed to make a trade but that could be costly.

Lets consider what everyone else is projecting for the Lions at this pick.


Cordy Glenn, tackle, Georgia.

Granted the Lions could use a real Tackle unfortunately the Lions just re-signed Jeff Backus and they are grooming a another top pick on the other side so this guy just flat out didn’t do his homework.

Dre Kirkpatrick CB Bamma

Let me repeat the Lions DB’s didn’t do as bad as job as Liions fans make it out. Detroit was 22nd in pass defense ,rush offense  was much worse and that was with many injuries to the secondary so clearly when you look at each part of the Lions the part that has the biggest need is RB!

Then of corse we have what the local media here in Detroit are pumping out the DE from Illinois

Whitney Mercilus who when compared to his comports at the combines leave one to ask why? They will then point to his recorded in the B1G last year. Certainly 16 sacks as a Junior is impressive but let’s look close shall we… First off the B1G isn’t what they use to be as well most of those sack came against weak reams well every team in the B1G is weak but still a one year wonder is not the same thing as Shea Mc Clellin’s break up year in 2010, many expected his numbers to drop in 2011 s teams would scheme for him as is common place in college but they didn’t . Drafting Mercilius here just makes no sense.

Inclosing let me restate the case Doug Martin is a rear back we only see a handful like him every decade, the Lions have a major need that Martin fills in every way they could hope for, the Lions must do what it takes to draft Doug Martin if they truly expect to compete this year and the years to come.