Upon reflection How about that Bronco D!

It’s easy to get lost in the fact that the offense scored ZERO points despite the great field position the Bronco Defense continually gave them.  The fact is because the offense was so ineffective makes what we all witnessed all that more impressive. In the above video is every single defensive play and after watching that it’s hard not to conclude that just might have been the greatest defensive performance you have ever witnessed.



Atkinson, Taylor, Lawrence had a whale of a game but they were not the only ones Simons played his best ever. Samuel Ukwuach played havoc on every play in which he was in the game forcing BYU’s QB’s to make poor throws and poorer decisions. Guy whose names I barely know made plays all over the field from Kharyee Marshall to J.C. Percy. To list everyone who contributed on D would be a simple task just list them all!

It wasn’t just the swarming gang tackling it was the hits on the ball carrier or just flat out on the man in front of them. Boise States defense played with a prize fighter’s attitude delivering blows to every part of the body at every opportunity. Whether it be taking out BYU’s QB while blocking after and INT like Horn did in destroying Lark or taking out a offensive linemen. The men in Blue from the very start to the very end seemed to be on a mission of totally destruction of everything white in front of them.

Being a football junky and as old as I am, I’ve seen many a football games and I’ve seen defenses win games before as well, however those times I’ve seen a Defense win a game were all in the NFL, never before had I witnessed such determination such a fighters mentality as I had Thursday night. While all the talk is about where is Boise States offense let’s not loss site of what we seem to have found this year something everyone question whether we would even be able to do a Defense that not only replaced 5 guys receiving NFL paychecks today but a near complete turn over in starters. Boise States defense will certainly provide the time Coach Pete needs to get this offense on track for the big games and they will certainly be getting the majority of the attention of the coaching staffs of our future opponent’s.

Fear not Bronco Nation there is a new sheriff in town and it aims to destroy everything in front of it, sit back and enjoy a new brand of Bronco football defensive domination!