The Detroit Lions are a Pathetic Organization.

I know cry baby job protecting scum when I see it and when the blame game comes out like we see in Detroit one doesn’t have to look very deep to see where the problems truly lay. Bill Ford couldn’t manage his way out of a wet paper bag and the Ford Family has no business owning a NFL football team. If Lions fans really wanted to solve their agony they would united in every way possible to get the Ford Family to release their incompetent silver spoon feed ownership of the Lions. Certainly they can be happy being the #3 or #4 car maker in world all they want but in American Sports especially in Detroit being #4 every year for ever is not something that is acceptable. UAW members should strike; fans should turn off their TV’s and burn their tickets. The reality is this the Detroit Lions will never ever win a super bowl or achieve any true level of greatness so long as the mediocre incompetent spoon feed Ford family has control of the team.

Bill Ford like his grandfather is a spoiled child with no real knowledge of what it takes to win. Here is a guy who heads the family that runs the only car company that didn’t take a government bailout, where over 50% of the American car buyers say they will never buy a car from either government motors and he still losses first place to a bankrupt car company. How pathetic is that? Ever since taking over the Lions the Ford family has made one mistake after another failing each and every time to learn from their mistakes. I’ve been a Lions fan all my life, no easy task when born a Yooper inside a family of Cheese heads in Menominee. I was there the last time the Lions won a playoff game at home with then my oldest son who was four that was 21 years ago a life time of losing is the Ford Family way no doubt the Ford family give reason to why they should be a 99% inheritance tax of the uber rich considering the total lack of growth one see’s from the lazy living off grandpa attitudes of those who live off the works of others no different really then people who are fine living off the taxpayers dime I suppose the only difference is the power that comes with the control of all that money with no real skill of making it on their own. I guess that’s why I like Mitt Romney so much he’s not a rich moocher like Bill Ford and his daddy, he gave all his inheritance away and made his own money far out doing daddy something neither of Henry’s off spring will ever accomplish.

As a long suffering fan I guess I’m finally sick of all the excuses for failure and all the blame that seems to get passed around. When I was a very young man making my way up the company ladder I was taught by the fortune 500 company I was working for at the time that failure by the employee was never their fault but rather managements and continued failure by a employee was still managements because either they didn’t do their job in correcting the problem the first time or failed to realized they hired the wrong person to begin with and cut their ties either way failure always rested at the feet of management. So today when I see all the hit pieces on Titus Young in the local media and read all the blame comments from the Lions to the fan base I just laugh because it’s nothing but more of the same deflect, protect and blame. I’ve witnessed this game for 40 years now and frankly I’m sick of it.

1992 Lions vs. Dallas Divisional Play off game my oldest Son just before the game 

I wasn’t born a Lions fan and I certainly wasn’t raised one as again every member of my family mothers and fathers are Packer backers. I became one from the early 70’s when I watched one of the first home losses in the New Dome to the vikes because the Lions couldn’t cover the deep ball, to when Dave Pureifory drilled Fran Tarkington right in the mouth on the final game of the 1978 season which turned out to be Fran Tarkington final game as a Vike played on the final game at the old Vikes stadium before the dome. Attending my first Lions game in the final game of the 1980 season witnessing the Lions purposely loss to get the #2 draft pick going to the tail gates listening the people debate between Charles White and Billy Simms, Simms was the clear favorite after the game as the chant Billy Billy echo the silver dome after the game. I witnessed so much heart break so many lost opportunities over these years yet I am and will always be a Lions fan! I’m a fan of the players past and present I am not a fan of the organization as the organization has left the players and the fans down at every opportunity and they have the haters at the freep and detnews to back their every play of hate blame and discretion.

Management has been the problem and lacking a change at the top management will always be the problem. If Bill Ford truly cared for the people of Detroit, if he truly cared for the team and the fan base he would turn over control of the team to the Ilitch family tomorrow, he doesn’t have to sell it he just needs to stop making and not making management decisions because frankly there hasn’t been a Ford capable of making an executive decision since Henry the rest are just silver spooned mooches who couldn’t make it on their own. Ford won’t do this on his own because like most little rich kids that had it given to them his pride is in the way just like it has been with Clay all these years. So as a Lions fan I’m calling for a boycott of the Lions I’m calling for an all-out war to get the Fords out of our NFL football team because until we do we will never have that winning team we have dreamed all our lives for. Shawn Jefferson there is one long standing rule I was taught management never ever dresses down an employee in public you failed Sunday question is as the coach of Titus Young you’ve also failed in taking responsibility for your job requirements and if I was the owner you would be issued your walking papers. Maybe next time Shawn you will learn to 

And lets be clear Titus Young is not the problem no more so the Rookie Riley’s holding, false starts and sacks given up on Sunday it’s managements all from Mayhew to Schwartz they have failed us and for the 7th time in arrow the Ford family has failed to provide this team with proper management to lead this team and this football city to the promise land I think it’s time we take the bull by the horns and say enough is enough Fords you have to go!