The 2012 BCS dream is over, but the war goes on!

The 2012 BCS dream is over, but the war goes on!

Many lessons are being learned this year, from what we have in our new coaching staff, to how our new Youngman are responding to the new phase in their paths. Certainly we all had big hopes that’s part of being a part of Bronco Nation.

Injuries, suspensions, new coaches and even NCAA punishments have made an impact on this season and this team. I personally trust in Pete that he is see the long term outcome. A team and its school as well as it’s fan base should never be decided by a single season nor entry into a new era.

If you think this year has been a challenge I think you are sorely mistaken as next year will bring the biggest challenges ever seen by Boise State Football. SDSU is a quality school and a quality football team and they just came out tonight and proved it. I’m here to tell you we will be seeing a lot more like that next year. So if you feel the need to complain about players issues, and or how the coach chooses to deal with them I might suggest you consider the following.

A year ago last summer 80% of Bronco Nation wanted to send Ajayi packing, and even today I hear comments about Titus Young and his antic’s in the NFL. Well I don’t know about you all but I have raise 3 children to adult hood and if you think teenagers are hard to deal with consider telling a now adult what they can and cannot do specially those living under a microscope. That’s the task ever college football coach is tasked with. To me that’s and almost impossible task, especially when you consider the schools achievements in graduation rates and GPA to go with the expectations of winning and gridiron achievement.  Today Bronco Nation screams for more touches by Ajayi and certainly I am one of them but it wasn’t that long ago many of you were tossing that young man under the bus , I was not one of those. Ajayi will become not only a great player for Boise State, but a great representative of the University long after he is gone, and some of that could very well be the result of what he had gone through last year.

We need to face some fact over the last two year Boise State has lost over 39 player many of which were long standing impact players and leaders. Folks I don’t care what program you are that’s a ton to lose. Add to that the shrinking of scholarship because of NCAA punishments, the previous small enrollment classes of only 5 players in 2010! And what you have is a whole lot of inexperience and very few team leaders.

Balance is coming and you can see it by the firm hand in which Coach Pete is raising his new boys. Coach Pete does it the right way and by doing it the right way he’s won a whole lot of games and brought tons of alkaloids to Boise State. You want to know why so many don’t do it the right way? Because it’s hard! Because sometimes you have to make short term sacrifices for the long term good and right now with so many new faces and so few leaders to lead  he’s got forge the metal of these young men he has now for today and for tomorrow.

My hat goes off to SDSU and I suggest they enjoy it why they can because we are both going to the Big East together and will be resuming this game again.

In closing I want everyone to know I am not in the least disappointed in the young men that represent us on the field of battle in fact I am very proud of them for what they have accomplished already this season and I cannot possibly wait for them to enter the field again in attempts to vanquish todays loss and start a new path to victory.

On word Bronco Soldiers!