Inside Boise States 15th Ranking

First off its a soft #15 how soft is it? Boise State 479 votes. Well UCLA is only 34 points back of us while two loss Clemson @ #14

Last week N. Illinois was 94 points and 1 spot behind Boise State today they are 102 points and 3 spots back. Kent State was 157 points back & 3 spots today only a 142 points back but 4 spots back.

If the Harris poll continues to be more favorable then the coaches poll who had Boise State with a 227 point lead and 3 spots over N. Illinois and a 229 point lead and 4 spots over Kent State then it will come down to the computers for tonight’s BCS ranking which have been unkind to Boise State, this trend is going to stop even this week in which Boise State didn’t even play.




When it comes to the computers every game played counts and when you look at the games played yesterday the trend of favoritism for Boise State continues. Kent state who had seen a surge in computer rankings will see that diminish some as Rutgers their 1 quality win lost to a unranked team as well their loss to Kentucky becomes even more glowing as Kentucky was beat up yesterday by a unranked team finishing 2-10. When you look at their non-conference games out side of Rutgers and Kentucky leaves you with Towson a 7-4 DII school.  Add in every team but two that Kent State has beaten lost yesterday this will only weaken their standing with the computers.

The same is basically true for N. Illinois Iowa dropped to Nebraska and Kansas their big out of conference win opponent finished the year with a loss giving them a 1-11 recorded. While in conference they both handle teams such as Toledo and well Toledo the rest of the conference could beat an average FBS school . More than Half of the Mac school don’t just have losing records they have horrible records 2 teams 1-11, one team 2-10 and 3 teams that were 4-8.

As for Boise State, MSU finished with a win and became Bowl eligible as is BYU, Fresno State, SDSU, Air Force and Nevada.  With 6 teams on Boise State schedule winning their last game against 2 for the MAC hopefuls we will see a trimming of Kent states computer lead not an expansion.

While it is imperative for Boise State to be ahead of the MAC hopefuls in tonight’s BCS it’s not as important for the MAC hopefuls.  Though they have a head to head for a MAC championship and certainly a few more eyes will be watching then in the past, certainly what the viewers will see is a lack of defense and in the end have to compare what even more eyes will see Saturday on ABC a hyped game no doubt to go with a top 15 in the Nation defense and God willing a Southwick that is ready to shine and put to use all those weapons he has at his disposal. If Boise State plays to its potential of which I believe they will the voters will have no other option then to send Boise State to a BCS bowl.

As of this writing the Harris poll has come out putting Boise State at #17, UCLA #16 and Kent State #18 with N. Illinois @#19 hard to say with the computers how this might effect tonights BCS rankings but either way it’s going to take a huge effort against Nevada to make a BCS game happen.