Greetings Bronco Nation from the Office of Orange Jacket Guy; it is a distinct honor to write to you. Some very nice people among us have allowed my writings and convoluted trains of thought to be here. I hope my presence is received well.

Those who understand one of main reasons why you (Bronco Nation as a whole) are exceptional and above the trolls in the world understands the ideas of the Whole Package concept. As you know, it is more than the merit (in an ideal world at least) of a football team that is considered when playing on big stages like those of recent years. The first part of this concept is…

well, obvious.

The football team under the direction of our Good Coach Chris Petersen has been a force that cannot be ignored. Our Broncos with our coach on a level playing field can get anything done. Anything.


The next part is the school. This may not be as obvious as you might think. This is not some team full of autopass-and-play players. This is a team full of players that are both respected on the field and respected in academia. Playing good football means nothing if it’s not balanced out.

The last part is us. The fans. We ourselves have been better fans and when we are abroad most others out there respect us. The towns and the other schools WANT us to visit their towns, businesses, arenas, schools, etc. Others have said that we are great examples of sportsmanship. Like the ad says, it starts with you.

These parts together are a part of a greater whole. If the football team was really good but the fans sucked, not nearly as many good things would be happening to Boise State as they would right now. If the fans were upstanding but players not so well, then there wouldn’t be a whole lot going on either. And if the fans were nasty and inebriated while the school academically was alright, well, you still got something that sucks, and will probably remain that way for a long time (I hope the majority of you got what example I was referring to).

This whole one-ness and attitude of keeping the peace has made us great, and that is why I love you Bronco Nation, and I loved being among you at the recent Blue & Orange Store Shoemaker signing. I heard a small story from Shoe himself about student IDs. Bronco Fett, my ever-recognizable client got the hammer signed. I always love being among a few thousand of my closest friends and I cannot wait to be tailgating amongst you.

Be proud, my brothers and sisters, with Boise’s proud tradition. Heads up competition.

Until next time, Bronco Nation: In Pete We Trust.