Greetings, Bronco Nation, from the Office of Orange Jacket Guy; it is again a distinct honor to write to you. The off-season was cruel to my alter-ego and as a result, produced a lot less writing than expected, and to top it all off, the whole MSU thing happened.

First off I should address something that I’m hearing about way too much. Stop doubting our team and stop doubting our coach. None of this helps anyone. Not only that, but it’s extremely selfish. Stop it, and if you continue, we don’t want you. We won’t mourn the loss of luke-warm fans or bandwaggoners.

Second issue off the top of my head is something I’m not actually personally involved in. Someone at some point recently decided to imitate Darth Prophet online as a means of entertainment. It has to have been someone very familiar with the BSU fanbase. If you’re responsible, pray I don’t find out who you are.

Next bit — if you’ve been maintaining a running timer of how long it’s been since a DUI falling incident, reset it. I’ve been informed by my client that there’s been yet another one. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not happy at all that someone got hurt, but you can’t deny that this is a common occurrence. Bad culture, declining academics, worse faculty — these are YOURS, University of Idaho, and they’re yours to keep or replace.

And finally, the last bit of business. The first home game is upon us. A very big part of this, as always when I write about it, is the fans. Let’s see how we fill the stadium with the recent work done to it. We need to be out there in full force.

Until next time, Bronco Nation: In Pete We Trust