Chris Petersen to (file in the blank)

Every day at least 5 times a day my Gmail alerts gets filed with news links to crap blogs all the over the web. By 7 am this morning I had 3 more B.S alerts and to boggle my mind to find even a low life ESPN writer is now in on the act. So why not seeing how I have the ultimate source on the issue, so without speculation allow me to announce just what team Chris Petersen will be coaching after Boise States.

Gods team yep that’s right God himself will someday come calling until then he’s all Bronco Nation. Being a Prophet I have this on first hand authority!

Really we should be grateful to all these hacks and want be big Chris Petersen hits and captures sites. Frankly I think Coach Pete should trade Mark and copy write his name and require a piece of the action from these lame hacks who year in year out have honed their skills enough to get some half assed post out on to google alerts to drive traffic to them. We should all take advantage of this by knowing just who these fools are and put their sites on block list so in the future we won’t find ourselves being fooled on an issue we might not be so up on.  I won’t bother linking any of them here because frankly their stories are crap and their sites by and large are junk.

So some advise when you find yourself tricked into one of these nobodies, don’t comment don’t send an email telling them just how foolish they are and disrespectful to Coach’s  Pete’s son just mark it down block it from your system and move along. I know I have been tricked myself into responding but I will refrain from this point forward.

Coach Pete doesn’t just have something special at Boise State he has something that is rarer than ever. Coach Pete has the opportunity at immortality. Like the Fritz Chryslers and Newt Rockne of Footballs early years.  But that is not what drives him and that’s not what really binds him to Boise State. See what Fritz and Newt had was something they could call their own something they built something they had total say and total control to do things their way the right way and to build a long lasting foundation that spoke to what they stood for as men and that my friends is priceless and rare. You’re not going to find that at Cal, nor Auburn. For God’s sake Auburns coach just won the Mythical National Championship 2 years ago and today he is fired!  And it’s not just Auburn; Take Michigan and Lloyd Carr they ran that man out of town all he did was bring them their first BCS win, their first National Championship in the Modern age. When you go down the history of college football the number of men whose names are known generation in generation out among college football fans are few.  Yet that doesn’t drive Chris Petersen either. What drives Chris Petersen is competition, control and doing the right thing.

What is the right thing for Chris Petersen? , he doesn’t lie to the kids nor their parents, the education and the building of the young man comes first over everything else.  Could you image MSU’s coach not bring back all his criminal players? Same for Michigan and you better believe the media needs to know just why a player is suspended, every little detain. I can give a million examples to why Chris Petersen has turned down offer after offer. I’m sure what humors him the most is just how so many people don’t get it. Why so many think it’s about money not producing a product and the product a college coach is really supposed to be producing high quality young men who understand the benefits of sacrifice commitment and duty to others above all other things.

Zig Ziglar Passed just yesterday and Zig was like a father to me because to me he was that one voice in the wilderness talking about doing things the right way for the right reason and how this was not just worth more than money but would lead you to a life of everything your heart desired. Chris Petersen is the Zig Ziglar of college football and if you ask me how I know I would suggest you just look at the young men he produces in totality and ask yourself this, why does everyone else want him?

Boise is a blessed place as one of our writers Thomas Munson once wrote and in this day and age finding a place like Boise Idaho to lay down your marker and make a lasting mark are much harder to find then you think. Boise is also bless in that so many great coaches have come before Chris Petersen and will come after him and for that Bronco Nation has nothing to fear but fear itself.