Boise State will enter the Big East for 2012 and here is why.

The Big 12 is unable to release its TV schedule for 2012 because of the hang up with West Virginia’s legal battles with the Big East which on this past Tuesday the Monogaila Ciruit Court Judge announced he would not stay a law suit filed by WV against the Big East.  A Trial date has been set for June, but even this is causing problems as the Big 12 is required by contract to release its conference schedule by Fed 1 which has already past.

Judge Russell Clawges who over sees the Monogaila case said in his order to not stay the suit said ” “This action was filed first and a Scheduling Order entered before any significant proceeding occurred in the Rhode Island Court. This matter is scheduled for trial and no trial is scheduled in Rhode Island.” Judge Clawges added “This Court does not believe staying this proceeding until a decision in the Courts of Rhode Island will promote the interests of justice,” With no real end in sight to legal action in either case is causing major problems for WV who is fully intent on leaving the Big East now not in the 27 months they had signed to in previous agreements with the Big East.

Now comes a non-binding mediation between WV and the Big East next week, if agreement cannot be meet this will cause major issues for not only the Big12 but WV as well. The NCAA requires any conference changes to be made official by July 1 and with two case before courts in different states and one of them without even a trial date and the other start date oh so very close to the July first dead line, there is just no possible way for the courts with all the legal entanglements, motions, filings and appeals could possible resolve this in time for WV to leave by July 1 2012.

Now with word that Boise State is being pressured to enter the conference in 2012, I take the word Pressured with a bit of a laugh, the only thing holding Boise State up from this move is the exit fee to the MWC, no one would rather flee the MWC for the Big East faster than Boise State! But the cost at this point for Boise State is too much to bear and that is really what the conversation is really all about, what it is going to cost for Boise State to leave now. With this information the Big East can move forward in mediation with WV and find a solution to everyone’s problem.

Clearly the Big East cannot just let WV walk early without some kind of consideration otherwise there would be no legal president to hold the other schools to their contracts. While WV is not a rich school as compared to others it does have Rich Rodríguezes millions they extorted from him when he left for Michigan add in a couple more million and I think an agreement will be reached.

As stated at the

“If some sort of resolution is not met next week, the timeline will begin to be a legitimate concern for West Virginia and the Big 12. The NCAA requires any conference changes to be made official on July 1 of each year. The worst-case scenario for West Virginia and the Big 12 is that the legal dispute is settled in court in June, one way or the other. If courts rule that West Virginia must honor the Big East’s 27-month waiting period, then the Big 12 will have to re-work their football schedule on short notice, in cooperation with their television partners. Of course, if the Big 12 is thinking ahead they will already have an alternate, nine-member schedule ready to unveil with plenty of time between now and then.”

For what it is worth, the Big East has not released their 2012 football schedule.

The Big 12 has television contracts with ESPN and FOX. Each has the ability to move certain games if they choose to do so for television reasons.”

The winner of WV desperate efforts to leave the Big East is Boise State and Texas, Boise State gets to leave early and reap the benefits of entering an AQ conference one year earlier and Texas, which get another school to boss around and beat up on which just goes to prove what I had always believed about the Mountainqueers I mean neers they will do anything for a buck!

For me this is great news for I will be able to attend even more Boise State away games!