Around The Blue Turf 1/4/2012

Boise State football notebook: Chris Petersen a $2 million coach

Petersen’s new contract will be for five years with a $2 million compensation package, plus incentives in the first year. Right now, he is scheduled to make $1.625 million in 2012 under terms of a rolling five-year contract that was announced at the 2010 Fiesta Bowl and upgraded slightly in February and October 2011. That deal calls for a $100,000 raise each year and a one-year extension each time the Broncos win eight games.The rest of the details for the new contract will be revealed in advance of the State Board meeting scheduled for Feb. 15-16. Petersen’s pay will come entirely from program revenue, meaning no state-appropriated dollars will be used.
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ESPN is reporting a few mor edetails..

Petersen’s agreement calls for $2 million in the first year, $2.2 million in the second, $2.4 million in the third, $2.6 million in the fourth and $2.8 million in the fifth, a source told ESPN’s Joe Schad on Tuesday.

Petersen gets a $100,000 retention bonus in his second year and a $200,000 retention bonus in contract years three through five.

Idaho’s education board received permission in October to fatten his previous pact after it approved a series of tweaks to the contract terms.

Under terms initiated then by the university, Petersen’s automatic one-year contract extensions for every season the Broncos win eight games would include a $100,000 raise, double the previous amount. read more here.

Weather this was started by coach or not this is a great move, not only because it rewards coaches loyalty, but shows love towards him as well. Don’t kid yourself this is like a great big Great job we love you and are the best pat on the back that everyone wants to receive from their employer.

As well this contract only now puts Coach Pete by 2013 on par with other Big East Coaches.

Great Job Boise State !

the Bad Taste Bowl.

Hokies Journal Boise and Kansas State fans are gonna throw a fit if ESPN shows the upper deck of Superdome tonight. More open seats than fans right now.

Only got worse as we watched the play on the field.

Dennis Dodd Time to kick off the first Sugar Bowl without a top 10 team since 1945. Enjoy.

Isn’t that when the bowl started?

Stewart Mandel

RT : Announced attendance: 64,512. Capacity: 76,500 Actual attendance: Even lower.

What you saying they couldn’t give tickets away? so much for their vonted travel teams!

Pete Thamel We’re officially 12,000 seats below capacity at the Sugar Bowl. Unsure if that’s empty seats or unsold tickets.

BCS Guru This has been one unimpressive and unattractive bowl game.

And you have the BCS Jim Delany to thank for that. Treat him harshly!

Dennis Dodd Just remember: Had Va Tech and Mich been wearing LSU and Ala unis that would have been the greatest half of football ever played.

Another reason not to watch the MNCG

Pete Thamel Good thing Kellen Moore and Boise aren’t here. They could never match this level of clean, efficient play.

Dennis Dodd The ruling on the field stands. However, potential fans in thousands of empty seats don’t.

Last night’s Bad Taste bowl must have been a complete nightmare for their organizers.

Everything the critic’s said about this game all came true, empty stadium poor play lack luster performances, frankly it was worse than the Uconn Oklahoma Fiesta bowl last year, while it was a loop sided game fact is there was at least one good team in the game.

I had been saying for weeks V-Tech was over rated and one didn’t need to look far to know that. When V-Tech was ranked 5th after their blowout loss at home to Clemson I knew the fix was in.

Neither of these teams will sniff the top 10 next year, Robertson can’t pass and Beamer won’t let his QB pass.  Now I am a firm believer that there is no such thing as luck as what people call luck is nothing more than determination meeting preparation, that’s really just a nice way of saying you need to put yourself in position for luck to come to you. All year long the Meatchickens had luck come to them, luck in Notre Dame’s QB dropping the ball on a first and goal, luck in not having to play Wisconsin and having their defense lose complete confidence for the 5th year in a row.

Note to Nick Sabin get your backups ready to play early and often next year as the Meatchickens are at best a second place MAC school!

Maxwell eager for his chance

Maxwell is expected to be the starter as a fourth-year junior when MSU opens the 2012 season on Aug. 31 at Spartan Stadium against Boise State. And he understands that Cousins will be difficult to replace, both as a player and a locker room presence.

“I think both present a good challenge,” said Maxwell, a celebrated 2009 recruit from Midland. “On the field, obviously Kirk’s the all-time winningest (MSU) quarterback, is on top of the list for touchdown passes, he’s done some great things on the field. And off the field, it’s well-noted and well-known, his leadership abilities.

“But leadership and the way you relate to people, that’s something that hopefully I’ve been building from the day I got on campus. So that when I become the starting quarterback, I don’t have to change or morph into this guy that I’m not – that my leadership and my attitude can be something I already have now, and that’s just escalated when I become the main guy.”

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Some things to know about Maxwells last real game that mattered.

Midland- At halftime it looked like Davison would again loose another playoff game at Midland’s Community Field, for the third straight year, as the Cardinals trailed Midland 7-12. Two years ago Davison lost to Muskegon in a semi-final game and last year they lost to Midland in a regional final.

Davison got on the board first when Thompson hit a wide open Daniel Thwing in the middle of the field for a 21 yard TD. Midland answered back on their first possession with a 80 yard drive. The drive was keyed by a 4th-and-1 conversion on Davison’s 25 yard line when Andrew Maxwell ran under center to move the chains. On the very next play Maxwell hit Drew Moulton for a touchdown. The extra point snap was botched keeping the lead in Davison’s favor 7-6 with 3:37 to go in the first.

For the remainder of the first half Davison’s offense failed to pick up first downs while Midland just couldn’t take advantage like the Chemics normally would. In the second quarter Midland missed a 36 yard field goal, had a touchdown called back for holding, threw an interception, and got stopped on a 4th-and-2 on Davison’s 17 yard line instead of attempting a field goal.

Midland did manage to convert a touchdown with 27 seconds left in the half when Maxwell found Michael Albrecht in the corner of the endzone. The Chemics 2-point attempt sailed incomplete giving Midland the 12-7 halftime lead.

In the third quarter the Cardinals capitalized off of another Maxwell interception. A 25 yard pass from Thompson set up a 1st-and-goal from the two yard line and Saylor finished the drive on the very next play. Thompson ran in the 2-point attempt giving Davison a 15-12 lead.

Davison took control of the game early in the fourth quarter when Thompson scored from 12 yards out and a Cardinal 28 yard field goal gave Davison a 25-12 lead with just over four minutes to play.

Davison was able to withstand a Chemic’s rally late in the game, after Midland scored off of a 33 yard pass to Moulton, Davison was able to recover a Midland onside kick with 30 seconds left, securing the Cardinal win.


the Chemic’s just didn’t seem to be as fired up for this game as Davison was. Too many mistakes and mental errors cost Midland the game. In the second half Midland had no answer for the Davison run game.

Andrew Maxwell, Midland-
Maxwell spent most of the game on the run avoiding D-ends. He showed good mobility with a strong arm but just didn’t come up with the plays you would expect out of a big 10 bound quarterback.


Some personal Notes, I live much of my life in Midland Michigan, key features of the town are the three rivers that converge just below the court house, The Pine’ Tittabawassee and Chippewa river.

Midland is home of Dow Chemical ie one school the one I went to is named after Dow and the other Midland is called the chemic’s. During the Vietnam war Midland was where Agent Orange was made and as a young child I witness some very nasty protest along Posseyville road that got rather violent. Back in the 70’s and 80’s Midland had the highest cancer death rate among women and children in the Nation, coincidence that my mother died of cancer at 37 in that town? I think not! Midland was also the destination location for the CSX death trains, one you might recall in 1990 crashed just outside of Midland releasing tons of deadly toxins that turned the sky’s outside Midland brown for days and required tens of thousands of people to leave their homes.  Midland is also home to the very first cogeneration plant a converted Finish Nuclear plant that was never turned on, oh so typical of the people of Midland to agree to the building of a Nuclear plant and once complete withdraw their approval bankrupting consumers power in the process to only 20 years later covert the thing into a natural gas plant that belches out brown smoke 24/7 and twice a month lets out a thunderous whistle as they release the pressure from the steam system.

Midland Michigan is a contradiction in terms of a community, while desiring to stay a small community of less than 40,000 it also desires to dominate it’s county and sap as much money from the surrounding townships as possible. Case in point when the city saw an opportunity to land grab from Bullet Creek tax generating properties it did and in doing so left the school out in the cold as they had already spent millions of dollars in starting improvements to their school left unfinished even 30 years later.

Midland is dominated by Dow Chemical and so is its surrounding wild life not only is Midland home to the highest cancer death as mentioned above all three of the rivers are deemed unsafe to eat the fish from and drink the water from, and it’s been this way since I was 6 years old and it’s not looking like that is going to change in my life time. Now not all of that is attributed to Dow, Hooker Chemical Company you might remember them from the Love Canal of the 70’s killed the Pine and Chippewa rivers at the same time. The below picture is from September 1988 and is of me just after I moved back.

The monster smallmouth Bass you see there I had caught that morning in the Pine River, due to the fact the rivers are unsafe to eat from the rivers are rarely fished and loaded with 20”+ smallies , for all the bad things I could say about Midland I will point out one thing and it was the idea of this one thing that brought me back there, their public school system is very very well founded my chemistry lab at Central Intermediate School in 9th grade made my chem 221 lab at ISU’s look like a welfare lab, and I’m fairly sure my chemistry teacher who had a DR from U of M was paid better as well keep in mind ISU is consider one of the best pharmacy schools in the Nation!. The class choices a student had in Midland public schools, which for a student like myself who had all these off the chart test score but a horrible home life was a double edge sword as the school system tended to place you in class curriculum in relation to your scores and I quickly found myself overburdened, yet I did at least finish those very difficult courses and was exposed to much however I went from an A student to a C and D student, was the damnest thing earning college credits in 9th grade.

So I’ve taken this opportunity to show again to Bronco nation a little of myself while at the same time showing you just how small this world is, who would of ever thought that a kid who played ball at HH Dow High against the Midland Chemic’s would go on and play ball for a future Boise State head coach Dirk Koetter and become a raving blogging Boise State fan..

Inclosing heres my point nothing good has ever come out of Midland High school and next September I would love nothing more than for our Mighty Bronco’s to send this Chemic to the benches!