A doubting Bronco Nations wonders can things be different this time?

Regardless to one might think, the reality of experiences for Boise State and Bronco Nation lead most to think no chance for Boise State to get a BCS bowl. Certainly if not last year  when you are ranked 7th in the Nation and still get the shaft how is now any different; special considering this young team and it’s two losses.

First things first Boise State doesn’t just need to beat Nevada and certainly not just by the spread. Boise State must dominate Nevada like Boise State of old and when I mean old I mean 10 years ago old. This is not the Nevada team that competed and finished ranked 10th in 2010 this is an above average team with three play makers and the rest just average. Boise State Defense will need to shut down Nevada’s rushing attack and hold Jefferson to under 100 yards, while at the same time planting Fajardo on his back as well as pick off his passes. Boise States offense will have to show it’s all the way back to the power level the Nation has come to expect by dominating a poor Nevada defense. If Boise State can do those things then I believe they will leave the humans no choice. I find it Ironic that ten years ago Boise State finish 11-1 after beating up a Wolf Pack team in Reno 44-7 and their only bowl option was one at home. Today Boise State isn’t just fighting for a shot to convince the voters but at the very least hold on to a share of the conference championship and a shot at playing against either USC or Washington in Vegas; Look how far Boise State has come, today we hover expect more and we expect more because the team deserves it not out of pettiness or greed.

I certainly felt that pain and anger last year when I watch the B1G and Jim Delany call in their markers to slip not just Michigan into the Sugar bowl but V-Tech as well. In an era when we see more losers of the conference championship game get jumped by a team that didn’t play in their conference Championship to land a BCS . However Clemson’s blow out of V-Tech had no effect on the Sugar bowl selection committee decision to book V-Tech over either K-State or Boise State. So trying to explain to folks Boise States path these last three weeks hasn’t just fallen on death ears but some people just get down right angry at the mere suggestion.

There is however something different and it’s not just the football Gods lining things up to make it possible for humans to do the right thing, but the fact many humans have appeared for weeks now prepared to do just that. To me it seems there are some in the coaches poll who saw this like me 3 weeks ago as a possibility and started voting Boise State back to the top as if to say you’ve been wronged in the past and if we can make it up to you this time we are going to try. The Coaches seem to be bring the Harris poll along kicking and screaming but I also don’t believe the coaches are working just off their guilty feelings but because as the season has gone on Boise State has not just shown improvement across the board, but as they are found of saying on ESPN they pass the eye test as well. Certainly no one believes any potential BCS opponent would blow Boise State out. I dare say there might me an alternative motive as well.

Money, the B1G and ACC schools Michigan and V-Tech ended up paying dearly for their match up. Not nearly as dearly as the City of New Orleans with the lack of travelers and all that goes with it. The City lost millions they would have made on a KSU Boise State game, who among them would have thought a Michigan V-tech match would go so horribly bad with so few butts in the seats and eyes on the sets. Not many, what they failed to realize is that neither teams fan bases were that impressed with their teams and not motivated to shell out a few thousand dollars to make the trip. Those are the reason why even if Kent State had won last night, they still would have been left out. With barely 15k people in the stands at Ford Field last night for what was billed a BCS busters shot at seeing their team pull it off. Yet few traveled the few hour drive to support their team in this effort.  If  Boise State would have had the same shot as Kent State did tonight and say a drive to Salt Lake for the game they would not have had enough tickets to fill the need.

Boise States fans don’t just travel they come out of the wood work. The Toledo game came on the heels of the Georgia game last year yet there was over 2,500 Bronco Nation members in the stand yet folks that actual traveled from Boise were outnumbered by 100-1, by folks that drove there in a few hours drive from all over Michigan and Ohio. What gives Boise State the power of a Major is its fan base and how wide it is. Sure Bronco Nation strength over all lays with the folks in Boise who will never fail to buy up tickets to BCS bowls but it also draws in even more from around the country. That is the power of the purse and though the BCS bowl may still have enough AQ teams to qualify the question that has them lingering is if we get an out layer will they show up will they travel will they support their team will they have the motivation to show up. They know in Boise State that will not be a question, with Boise State today you have half a Nation that loves them and another Half that hates them either way you will have a whole Nation tuning in to see them play and certainly whatever opposing team is matched against Boise State fan base will do so as well. As no one would doubt it will be a game worth seeing.

So while there are many reason for the voters to make it happen because it is within their power to do so regardless to what the sightless computers might think, what they have to ask themselves is this with all games considered, with who is left that is qualified by the rules is Boise States play worthy and if they are they must make it so!