4 days to game day and Joe is the Man

I don’t know about you all but my schedule couldn’t be any fuller heading into this week and my list of things to do is so long I feel almost clueless in where to begin. Yesterday I woke up with what I believed to be a full day planned out of just what task I would undertake and as I researched and prepared more to do these tasks my direction was changing by the minute. In an effort to give our readers as legitimate view as we can I do tons of research and review from previous years to what was new just today.


With the announcement of Joe Southwick as the starter, something most of us came to the conclusion he would be after last Saturday’s public scrimmage  one cannot help but think about the 2007 season, certainly not something we would like to see this year though at the same time a very real possibility. Think about that for a second a 10-3 season would almost be a utter disappointment for Bronco Nation???? Oh how spoiled we’ve become! Yet our expectations as a fan base only mirrors those of this year’s senior class, as “we are in it to win it”.

Yesterday the B1G Network sat in on a MSU practice and team mini scrimmage. When the B1G comes to town for your team they do it all up with a 2 hour special and endless hype on your team, player interviews coaching interviews. I certainly can see how MSU fans get all whipped up in a frenzy after viewing such hyperbole. Certainly I found myself trying to think objectively while watching what the network made every attempt to pass off as the best team in all the land. Earlier in the day the B1G replayed the MSU Georgia game and twice last week I watched the Meatchickens and MSU game so I was able to balance all the promo talk with the  actual results that I had not only witnessed but studied as well. Without that kind of balance and knowledge of the Boise State Football team I can easily see how people would assume Boise States run of opening wins is at an end.

Certainly watching every talking head  for the last 4 years talking Boise State down for their opener and how V-Tech was too much of this and Georgia had too much of that and Oregon was levels better and the revenge factory . Other then in 2009 when even those like Pat Ford used the word If a million times, unlike Herby who flat out said the week before the first games would be played that not only would Boise State beat the Ducks but would do so handily and go on to win out, adding at the end a welcome back to the BCS. For the hours of back checking and video review I could not find a single example before or since that was not only so dead on, on what 2009 held for our beloved Bronco’s but was so dead on right! All that being said one cannot help with the announcement of Joe looking not to 2009 or even 2008 but to 2007 for guidance in what this season holds. Remember this isn’t the WAC we are playing in folks , more like the WAC on steroids and this certainly isn’t the 2007 season schedule where we lost to Washington 24-10 in the second week of the season. This MSU team is the best one MSU has had in generations no doubt about it or so they say.

But this isn’t 2007, and these are not those 2007 Bronco’s either. Joe Southwick isn’t Tharp, he’s much much better. JD Harper isn’t Ina Johnson nor is Ajayi or Wright, Avery, they are much better and this certainly isn’t the run first and run some more offense loaded with talented but all young and untested WR’s certainly the names Titus and Pettis along with Gallarda would be names we would all learn and love but not in 07 when against Weber state team that we put 56 on but only had 198 yards passing and 1 TD. Nope this 2012 team has an offense that has talent and experience at ever WR’s position on the field to include the backups. There will be no limited play book with a 4th year Junior at the helm calling the signals. For all hyped the B1G network and the BCS MSM (Main Stream Media) want to rave about when it comes to MSU, you just have to remind myself just how lucky MSU was to even win the games they did. Certainly OSU gifted rapped a 10-7 win to Sparty, the Meatchickens flat out rushed every play and gave Sparty a game they really shouldn’t have won. Georgia Oh please they took the 3rd qt off and had to miss 3 field goals anyone of which would have won the game for them to lose to Sparty. They lost to a Notre Dame team that had already lost to USF and the Meatchickens and who would give up 33 points to Air force, and when I mean they lost I mean they got whipped 31-13, they also got Hammered by Nebraska of all teams? This is the very same Sparty team with the best QB in their history who barring a miracle hail marry pass at the end losses at home to a Wisconsin team that was played by the Ducks in the Rose bowl like a cat plays with a mouse. Then there is the Minnesota game 24-31 really Sparty. A couple bounces don’t go Sparty’s way and couple plays made by the other team and Sparty could have just as easily been 6-8 last year. This is simply not something that could be said about Boise State, in fact Drew Wright goes to the ground instead of dipping his shoulder, and he collects the first down Boise State not only runs out the clock on TCU but goes to the Sugar bowl to play LSU.

For all the talk we have heard about Sparty and are going to hear about Sparty over these next four days just keep this in mind the MSM (Main Stream Media) is like any other liar out there, if you tell the lie enough to as many people as they can eventually even those telling the lie believe it to be true. Shows like the one the B1G network taped on Friday and ran today is just part of that perpetual lie. This is not the best team in decades last years was and in fact that team really in the end was not really all that good just lucky!

Here some examples of the MSM lies. MSU has a powerful running game, wrong! MSU was second to last in the B1G last year in rushing. MSU has a veteran OL that’s going to run over Boise States Defensive line. Wrong MSU OL has 1 true freshmen and another Lineman starting that has only 1 start in his career. ( MSU lost two OL men last week out for the game injuries. Boise State’s OL will not be able to stand up to MSU Dline, wrong! First off Boise State OL has more starts across the board then MSU DL does secondly while MSU did lead the B1G in Sack last year, Boise State has lead the Nation in not giving up sacks for the last 4 years and that trend is not going to change in East Lansing Friday night! MSU LB’s are animals that will Mull Boise State to death. True most tackles come from MSU LB core as well as sacks, but that has more to do with 1. Their weak DL 2. The type of schemes they play in the B1G. Chris Petersen has shown year in year out in these games given this amount of time to prepare he will present a game plan that will take MSU’s LB out of the game in fact Coach Pete’s true skill is how he uses his opponents strength against them turning them in to advantages. Dantonio is a Great coach, Wrong at best he slightly above average and without some luck last year his job would be on the line this year. Let’s be clear the B1G hasn’t been a strong conference in a long time so back to back double digit winning seasons against cup cake non conference teams isn’t saying much for a conference that hasn’t shown up in the big non-conference games and least we forget Dantonio has a losing record against the Chips a MAC school. The equivalent of say Boise State going 1 of 3 against Idaho not good!

What I’m getting at Bronco Nation is between now and kick off every member of the MSM every Sports writer outside the Mountain West is going to tell you Boise State has no chance. Espn is going to run hyped highlight reel after Highlight reel to prove their point all the time leaving out the facts I’ve given you above,. They are going to tell you, your lucky run is over, you are not good enough the Spartans are football Gods you are nothing more than a Pawn on the Chess board. Don’t let them get you down because they are wrong as they were wrong last year leading up to the Georgia game they were wrong Leading up to the V-Tech game they were wrong Leading up to the Oregon game and least you forget OU was going to trash us up in the Fiesta bowl and end this non AQ conversation for good.

They are wrong again this time across the board Boise State is better in every way to MSU Gholston and his 3 regular season sacks last year is anything but a player. Watching Gholston harkins me back to when my youngest son was a freshmen all of 5’10”180 lbs left tackle for his JV squad at Clawson High school, His first high school football game came against Detroit Harper woods same school Braylon Edwards played High school ball for, same school today my oldest son works as an assistant to the Varsity team. We watched as these Monster kids from Detroit took the field and I cringe when I saw my baby lined up against this Monster for Harper Woods the guy was listed in the program at 6’4” 310 lbs .

I watch him and his team mates warm up saying to my wife oh boy we are going to get smoked! Final score 56-0 Clawson Jacob owned the monster all game long, he used his leverage to drive the young man off the ball. Clawson executed it offense with speed and precision taking apart what looked to be the more physical and athletic team. The difference between Boise State and MSU  physicality is zero the difference in coaching and skill miles apart and this why when the clock strikes 00:00 in East Lansing Friday night the great debate will start all over again and the haters will only dig in their heels and hate even more. As George Iloka said to me just three days before the Georgia game when I told him my concerns I will say to you “we got this”