20 Questions with Chuck Hayes III

Charles Hayes III graced us with the opportunity to ask 20 questions of him, I hope you all enjoy the question and his responses.

Which do you prefer?

1. Facebook or Twitter?

Chuck Hayes:

“Facebook on the computer…twitter on the cell phone

You Folks can Follow Chuck on Twitter



2. Iphone, Android or Microsoft?

Chuck Hayes:


3. Apple or PC?

Chuck Hayes:

“Would love to be with Apple if I could afford it.”

4. Pulling plays Pass Blocking, Screen plays or straight ahead run Blocking?

Chuck Hayes

“Screen plays “

DarthProphet that should be Obvious shouldn’t it!


5. Blue on Blue or any combo?
Chuck Hayes:

“Blue on blue”

I think I saw that answer coming.

6. Favorite away game location? And why?

Chuck Hayes:

“Fresno state…the fans are very interactive.”

7. Most intense game memory?

Chuck Hayes

“thats a hard one its anything I can remember is pretty intense.”

8. Most memorable Game?

Chuck Hayes:


9. #1 reason you chose Boise State?

Chuck Hayes

“Boise State had great fans and the location reminded me of colorful COLORADO.”

10. Favorite class at Boise?

Chuck Hayes:

“Death And Dying with Laurel”

11. Proudest academic moment?

Chuck Hayes:


12. Biggest challenge on the field or off the field?

Chuck Hayes:

“Biggest challenge off the field was finding a ride to places. I didn’t have a car and lived off campus.”

13. Favorite Place to eat in Boise?

Chuck Hayes:

” IOU sushi is the best spot to eat in Boise! All you can eat!!”

14. Besides B&E’ing others dorms what was your favorite pass time ?

Chuck Hayes:

“Huge snow ball fight in 2007 outside the dorms.”

15. Would you vote for Craig James for US senate?

Chuck Hayes:

“Hmmm maybe after he wrote a book explaining how he ranks teams.”

16. Do you think you could ever be friends with Mark May?

Chuck Hayes:


17. What was the best advice coach Pete gave you?

Chuck Hayes:

“Be early. On time is late.”

18. How good did it feel to dump the Blue Gator Aid on coach?

Chuck Hayes:

“Felt great, the best way to cap off a successful season.”


19. What would you say to someone thinking of going to Boise?

Chuck Hayes:

“Boise is one hell of a place to go to school and meet new people.”

20. How much do you love your mother?

Chuck Hayes:

” I’m a total Mommas Boy!”


We here at the Blue Turf really like Chuck, to me Chuck symbolizes the very best of what makes the Boise State Bronco’s such a great team. Chuck is little written about him but when you look at his playing career at Boise State it displays a classic usage of player talent. Recruited as a D linemen Chuck was moved to offensive line assignment after his freshmen year and even then assigned to Tackle on a team loaded with tackle talent, it wasn’t long however due to injury he found himself playing guard. Starting 8 games his junior year entering 2011 he was listed as a backup at right guard. Not long into the Georgia game Chuck got the call and to say he’s never looked back in 2011 would be an understatement.

When reviewing 2011 games one thing stands out in regards to Chuck, discipline discipline discipline, I could not find one false start one holding or one penalty of any kind. For a man of Chucks size his ability to get not only down field locking on screen plays but to the second level makes him a special player.

With his degree in hand we all here at theblueturf wish the best for Chuck Hayes, and hope he gets some looks, but regardless we know the future is bright for Chuck as he has clearly made the most out of his opportunities here at Boise State.