SEC Bob Speaks


Boise State Still hasn’t beat a SEC Team


{I’ve decided to allow SEC Bob to submit some work to the site I promised him I wouldn’t edit his post}




Let’s get something straight the puppies haven’t been a SEC team for years , and last year was proof of that, the only so called SEC wins they had were again Vandy and Tenn and those team certainly are the bottom of the barrel. No real SEC team losses to Colorado let along Kentucky. Mark Richt was once a good SEC offensive play caller but now he doesn’t want to do the work and has surrounded himself by a bunch of bums.

So jump up and down all you want little pony fans but no one south of the Mason Dixie line thinks you’ve done anything more than a washed up has been team with a coach on his way out.

I see 3 possibly 4 losses in your future pony’s , Air force, TCU , San Diego with Toledo having an outside chance and whatever bottom of the barrel PAC 12 team you get paired up with in the bowl season.

Get ready pony nation this will be the last year we hear about you for a decade or more.