Let’s give a deserving Bronco family a Broncoriffic Christmas this year!

Broncoriffic Chrsitmas

Okay Bronco Nation it’s time to get in the giving mood. The Blue Turf is proud to help out the Sharon Kemp Clady foundation and Gridiron Dreams Foundation in giving deserving Bronco Families a Broncoriffic Christmas. We want Bronco Nation to nominate a deserving family that needs a true Christmas miracle this year. We all know that things are rough for a lot of people in our community. Tell us about a family you know that deserves a break this year.

The lucky families will receive a Christmas dinner, not cooked by Alex Guererro or Ryan Clady, but it will still have a bronco twist. You will have to stay tuned for the Bronco Twist to know what it is. This is all courtesy of Ryan Clady, Chris Carr, and Alex Guerrero through there foundations.

What to do: Email, post, or carrier pigeon your nomination. We want you to tell us about the family and why they deserve a Broncoriffic Christmas this year.

Email your nomination to: skcfoundation@aol.com

Post your nomination at:



Or carrier pigeon. . . well yeah just kidding about that one.

Remember we want you to nominate someone else. It’s all about giving this time of year.

Ryan Clady