Boise State to the Big East and why espn is evil and must be destroyed.


A move I certainly believed would have happen yesterday, so I was a day ahead of the curve, but what does it mean? BCS is in trouble and it has been and with the ploys used Sunday to help give Michigan it’s best chance at victory by pairing it with V-Tech a team I don’t have to going into any detail about how unworthy even they themselves believe they are for this game.  Everyone knows well those that hung by every twit Sunday afternoon that something smells down in New Orleans and it isn’t the left over flooded city remains, but that’s for a different story that hasn’t been completely exposed yet.

I knew Boise State was off to the Big East for sure long before Boise sought permission from the state board, how you might ask, simple the amount of hate turned up at espn against the conference far exceeded anything they had espoused before. Espn is no different than Jim Delany, these people are of the belief that there is no such thing as a win win out come that there is only a winner and a loser. However horrible it is to be so powerful and hold so much responsibility as these people do to not understand that such a concept can only result in one out one in which eventually everyone loses.

Espn bad mouthing of the Big East is just around Boise State no I’m not that pig headed to think that in just one year going from ESPN crown jewel to their most despised former playmate has anything more to do then them no longer having the Bronco’s around to turn sets on across the nation for their Thursday night game. Same goes for the Big East the Big east finds it’s self an a great position as the only major conference with great numbers of TV set with their media contracts coming up, and make no bones about CBS FOX and Comcast are drooling to break up espn’s hold on college football as they should. Espn’s bad mouthing of the Big East has more to do with a calculated risk of turning of a large portion of the population, far easier to dis little old Boise then it is your home state crowd in Connecticut, but hey if we only beat them up for a year and cause shrieks of fear within the AD’s of the remaining schools with the conference all the better negotiating position you see its business not personal we will beat you to a pulp we will run your name through the mud unless of course you take our deal and if you do we’ll play nice again and might even fire craig james.

But But didn’t you hear herby on the selection show?? Nope didn’t watch it Steward Mandal was nice enough to save me that torture, and I don’t care if Herby personally marches to the sugar bowl and starts his own occupy movement his words fall empty to me and here’s why, all season long he said the exact opposite so one night he gets on his soap box so what, what’s he said since.. Crickets.  Where was Herby Friday night, Saturday nowhere to be found, where was Herby all day Sunday ?? mums the word, Herby is nothing more than another tool to be used by the network,  don’t think for a moment what he said Saturday wasn’t scripted don’t think for a moment every word he said was pre-approved it was.

Herby like millions of others knew at the very least an hour before the show who got what and that a huge stink was to follow it, let’s try to cut it off at the past, I’m sure the other stogies didn’t say a single word did they?

Turned out the best two tems were Florida and USC! but they didn’t play each other!

Yesterday word out of Utah that they are going to go forward with a law suit against the BCS in Febuary of 2012. “Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff said Monday that highly ranked Boise State University’s exclusion from a lucrative Bowl Championship Series game bolsters his pending lawsuit against college football’s postseason system, which determines a national champion.

“There was some kind of mischief going on,” Shurtleff said in a phone interview with The Arizona Republic. “There is so much money and power and control with these old traditional bowls, and they want to keep that power and control and decide who gets the money, and it’s evident in this case.”

No doubt Mr. Shurtleff might want to consider espn being added to the suit.

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When you read the last part about control over the bowls, that’s the whole ball of wax. B1G, Pac 12 and all the rest created the BCS to protect their monopoly in the first place.  The Irony here with the move to the Big East is the fact it is all about the money and in money I mean Bowl tie-ins.

If any other network signs the Big East Deal other than espn you can be sure espn will be questioning it’s right to be considered a future AQ conference like never before, it’s just another sign of espn’s greed and lack of ethic’s nothing more, it will not change the bowl tie –ins and in the end that is where Boise State is really looking to improve its position. No one is going to 11-1 forever it’s just not logical. These last 4 years for Boise State have been magical years, this senior class has proved to be the best senior class in the country, better than any sec senior class better than any B1G senior class, come draft day that will be proven but even more so over time as all of these young men make their way they will all prove to be of the highest of quality and their works each in their own way will be known.

Coach Petersen said it best yesterday when he said there is too many bowls to begin with, not many really got nor expanded on what he meant by that, maybe that’s because they already know, maybe they just don’t want to talk about it. The big money comes from the bowls and unlike most bowl it’s those top 10 or 12 bowls that actually bring money, the lower bowls lose money more times than not for the teams on the field. Something that is not all too uncommon for many teams during the season as well.

I remember many years ago when Idaho {also known in Bronco Nation as dUI } was written about in sports illustrated piece for taking a game against CMU Central Michigan in Mt Pleasant Michigan, the thrust of the story was how dUI spent more than 100k to go to Mt Pleasant and lose. Today even in the BCS bowl games schools can and do lose money by playing in them as they are contractually responsible for selling a number of tickets if the school fails to sell them like Uconn did in last year’s Fiesta bowl it can and does cost them to play in the bowl.

What Coach Petersen was trying to say yesterday I think, was that the system doesn’t work that coaches play favorites, specially when it concerns their team, and everybody included himself does it, he’s being honest which is his nature and I’m sure many have confused his silence on this issue as some kind of supreme honor when in fact he is telling us it’s more to do with guilty and a dirty feeling the system has forced on him. Coach Pete after this year his 4th year being ranked in the top 10 only to find himself on the outside looking in has finally gotten it, those like Jim Delany who have been telegraphing their hypocrisy for years are going to use every power trick every marker and all their influence to get favors over anyone they can, they don’t care who they step on, they have no honor, they are the truest example of the worst part of capitalism, in the end they show themselves for what they are so in a way time and history are always on the side of good, Delany has drag the B1G, Michigan and OSU into the mud as far as anyone outside of metro Detroit is concerned they are people without honor in every way, people not to be associated with.

So what does this all have to do with the move to the Big East, much we have to remember where we came from and who and what were are.

We have to remember not to leave bodies on the floor behind us as we move forward; we need to remember to work for the common good of college football, that’s what might be good for us in the long run might not be good for us today. Example we need to go now not 2013, certainly it will make it a lot harder on the young men coming behind the class of 2011 and we may very well get beat up or we might not, but in the end it’s better to embrace your future as soon as you can then to linger in the past. The sooner we get accustomed to the change the better and the more swift we can continue our march.