Around the Blue Turf 11/22/2011

Boise States Fearsome Foursome

Shea Mc Cleilllin Bill Winn Chase Baker and Tyron Crawford

A defensive line that brings sheer terror to opposing offense.

Consider the career numbers of this group.

402 tackles 54 sacks 66 tackles for loss and 5 int’s show me another group of four defensive line men in the country that have combined for such numbers over their four year career.

We could and maybe should have made it the fearsome sixsome adding in Jarrel Root and Mike Atkinson adding in another 90 tackles 7 sacks and 4 tackles for loss of these six men only 1 will be back to anchor the line next year Mike Atkinson, while certainly the other five will get their shot at the next level it is most certainly going to be hard to see these guys leave.

BSU Coach Chris Petersen Press Conference 11/21/2011


Tell us whats on your Mind Kellen?

Custom embeding.. One thing you can be sure I will never plant a trogan into a flash to ip hack a visitors computer! unlike some other soros group! but enough on the 2 hacking attempts of my system on to Boise State info!


Confident Cowboys are not satisfied

By Robert Gagliardi

LARAMIE — When the University of Wyoming plays at No. 7-ranked Boise State on Saturday, it will be the 10th time since 2009 the Cowboys have played against a nationally-ranked team.

“We have to make plays when we have a chance to make plays. We know we have the ability to get a �W,’” said junior running back Alvester Alexander after UW’s 31-10 victory over New Mexico last Saturday at Jonah Field at War Memorial Stadium.

UW is winless against Boise State (9-1, 4-1) in five games, and the winner Saturday will be in sole possession of second place in the conference standings. The Cowboys became bowl-eligible after beating New Mexico.

But the Cowboys don’t want their season to end there with Boise State and Colorado State left on the regular-season schedule.

“I asked (the players) if they were all satisfied, and there wasn’t one guy in that locker room that was satisfied,” coach Dave Christensen said.

“We’ve got two very important football games left. We’ve got a big game Saturday against Boise that’s and unbelievable football team.”

The Cowboys lost to the Broncos 51-6 last season in Laramie when Boise was No. 3 in the nation.

This season, Boise State is first in eight statistical categories in the MW, including scoring offense (43.8 points per game), scoring defense (20.5 ppg), total offense (477.5 yards per game) and total defense (339.9 ypg).

Third time’s a charm

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While I do respect what Wyoming has done this year, learning that Tyrone is fit to play, and Billy Winn seems very healthy, Iloka do for a big game and the clasped at the top of the polls the Broncos will be bringing start of the season vigor to this one. I look for Tevis Febis Iloak and Hout to be bringing the hammer to Mr. Smith as he runs for his life from the fearsome Bronco front four of Shea, Billy Mr. Baker and Tyrone. Look for Mr. Martin to put on a clinic!


Smith praised for having the ‘it’ factor

LARAMIE, Wyo. — Players, coaches and analysts can all agree: Brett Smith has “it.”

Trying to get a definition of just what “it” is?

Good luck.

“It” seems to be a combination of natural athletic ability, a keen knowledge of the game of football, toughness and a level of competitiveness bordering on insanity.

OK, and probably a few other things.

Through 10 games, Smith, Wyoming’s true freshman quarterback has shown that he has “it,” even if it’s tough to agree on one definition.

In a loss against TCU on Nov. 5, the Wyoming Cowboys were forced to find out what it is like without Brett Smith at the helm.

Their rookie quarterback took a handful of hard hits, the worst of which came on the first play of the fourth quarter.

Up until that point, Smith had always bounced back up from a hit, including a first-quarter helmet-to-helmet shot against the Horned Frogs.

That toughness surely plays into “it.”

“That resiliency, that competitiveness, that willingness to win,” UW junior receiver Chris McNeill tells the Casper Star-Tribune ( “That all comes with that ‘It-factor’ and he shows it more and more each week.”

“To focus into a couple of characteristics, you just see his drive and determination,” UW offensive lineman Nick Carlson added. “I think that’s what I think ‘it’ is.

“He refuses to be denied.”

Smith, though only in his first season with the UW program, has also become a quintessential leader.

“It’s just everything a quarterback needs, especially being a freshman and taking a role like this,” UW sophomore receiver Robert Herron said. “He’s got what it takes.”

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Boise State’s postseason plans get a break

BOISE, Idaho (AP) – A bounce-back win and losses by three higher ranked teams have given Boise State a glimmer of hope that a BCS bowl game may not be out of the question after all.

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Well DUH!! it’s college football folks anything can happen and ussually does.



BCS system may be broken, but it somehow works this week

By  | Senior College Football Columnist

This BCS really sucks, doesn’t it?

Check the standings with two weeks left in the season. The Broken Collegiate System is trying to sell us this load of poo that the three best teams in the country are not only from one conference, they’re from the same six-team division.The B(C)S has officially jumped the shark with that one — landing on Tigers, Tide and Hogs.

Someone call a senator. File an injunction. Next thing you know they’ll be telling us that Oklahoma State still has a chance. Didn’t the Cowboys just cough up a hair ball the size of Eskimo Joe’s at Iowa State? Or that Andrew Luck’s luck hasn’t run out at Stanford. Boise State, too? Last we saw of the Broncos, they were perfecting the fine art of yanking field goals.

Don’t forget Houston. Unblemished, unloved and ridiculous that the Cougars are still here. With Joe Paterno gone, there is even talk of old-timer Virginia Tech’s Frank Beamer having an opportunity.

This silly Bowl Craptacular Series can claim all-inclusiveness — at least eight teams from five different conferences still have a shot at the national championship game. Bozo Championship Series propaganda also has it that this the closest finish to a national race since chads were hanging in Florida 11 years ago.

Simply outrageous. This isn’t major college football, this is fourth-grade soccer. Everyone gets a trophy, or something close to it. You mean the champions of almost half of the FBS have a shot in late November? Stop the madness, now.

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Have to atleast give Gary I broke my leg Dan Danielson admits to the political like bias of voters and sports casters.

Where will TCU wind up bowling?

1. Las Vegas Bowl, Las Vegas, Nev., Dec. 26: Pac 12 No. 5 vs. MWC No. 1

2. Poinsettia Bowl, San Diego, Calif., Dec. 21: WAC champ vs. MWC No. 2

3. Independence Bowl, Shreveport, La., Dec. 26: ACC No. 7 vs. MWC No. 3

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I remember in the seasons first week as TCU was losing to Baylor as group of us Bronco Facebook fans were debating the needed out come, most felt we needed to pull for TCU to win to help out future SOS but one fellow stayed strong in his hatred of all things purple frog, the Muscle Hamster, he stood strong against a mountain of people who disagreed. After reading his replies I joined in on his side, TCU was now our hated rival and like all rival’s one should never pull for them, oh boy are we not now glad Baylor won that game.

Heres to you Muscle Hamster for being the voice of reason and being so so right!