Ap Top 25 picks for Saturday week #2

There is 2 ways to look at this the Vegas way and the Straight up match up’s lets tackle straight up match ups I have plenty of upset picks this weekend.


#2 LSU over Power house Northwestern State way to follow up that duck game the SEC must be proud!

#23 Penn State over #3 Alabama, the SEC rane is over bama is a shadow of its former self Happy valley is going to be jumping.

#5 Florida over Power house Charleston Southern?

#6 Stanford over Duke but you knew that.

#8 Wisconsin over the Oregon St, no way can the Beavers stop the running attack in Madison

Fresno State finish what DUI almost did last year and that is beat #10 Nebraska in Lincoln.

#11 V-Tech over ECU you knew this one as well

Georgia over #12 USCe, A Dawgs got to eat and USCe is the meal for the starving Dawg.

Nevada over #13 Oregon, the duckers are still in shock and Nevada knows how to play their game.

#14 Arkansas over New Mexico another one of those huge sec non con match up’s

Toledo Upsets # #15 OSU, Toledo needs to start fast but they have a good running game and 2 good QB’s look for Toledo to run the hurry up to eat away at the depleted OSU squad.

#16 Mississippi State over Auburn, Auburn will not win a single SEC game this year

#17 MSU over Florida Atlantic the rain should finally stop by game time this year

#18 Florida over UAB another one of those huge sec non con match up’s

#19 West Virginia over Norfolk St. as if!!!

ASU over #21 Missouri I just hate Muzz and always will for losing to Nebraska in 97

Ball State Bye Bye #22 South Florida can anyone say big east? They had their one week in the polls

BYU will out physical #25 Texas no matter how much I want Texas to win this one I just don’t see it.

#25 TCU over Air Force but blood will be spilled it’s going to be another high scoring close game.

One game of non-rank appointments of substance Michigan destroys the heathens of notre dame

In the first ever night game at the big house proving that coaching in the big east is a breezes.

I see why most have OU at number one and lifted LSU up 8 spots after beating a suspect duck team that lost so many D & O linemen.  Other than a couple of really good high school teams all but one sec team is playing in out of conference games this weekend the SEC should be able to take advantage of the tough schedules the other conferences have taken on and move up in the polls.

Check back on Sunday and hold me accountable to my pick’s.